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6 Best Public Golf Courses in Boston

By Kris Hart

Being an avid golfer living in the Boston area, I’ve been able to play a lot of different golf courses. The unfortunate thing about being a golfer in Boston is that many of the courses are private facilities and traffic getting to any course is no fun. The below list highlights some of the best public golf courses in Boston (within 45 mins) which you can play (public). I chose courses within 45 minutes because that is how far I am willing to drive on an average day to play a regular weekend round of golf.

1) Gannon Municipal Golf Course – Lynn, MA - 24 Mins from City Center - I played this course for the first time at the beginning of 2020 and was really impressed. The course has significant undulation, was in great shape, and architecture of the course provided a good challenge with a variety of holes making you hit every club in the bag. The course was founded in 1881 and has a rich history. You can see the city of Boston skyline from a couple of tee boxes which is pretty cool. I found the greens fees very reasonable for a decent public course ($43 weekdays and $51
weekends). After the round my friends and I went into the bar to find cheap beers, nice people, and a fun environment. The only downside to the course is that it is semi-private and may be pretty busy during peak times. Check out Gannon as it is a hidden gem and one of the best public golf courses in Boston. Learn more about Gannon.

2) Red Tail Golf Club – Devens, MA – 45 Mins from City Center – Red Tail is an awesome golf course. The layout of the course, condition, and overall experience at this facility is great. You get what you pay for since the cost to play this course is a little more expensive ($109 on weekends and $92 on weekdays). There are many unique features on the course including an awesome 17/18th hole finish which presents a number of risk/reward shots. The course is carved into the woods and is really special to play in the fall when the foliage adds to the beauty of the course. The downside to this course is the driving distance to get there, but it's well worth the trip. Learn more about Red Tail. 

Interested in weekend events in the Boston area?Red tail golf course

3) Brookline Municipal Golf Course – Brookline, MA – 22 Mins from City Center – This golf course has a variety of names from Robert T Lynch, Putterham Meadows, and Brookline Golf Course. This golf course in Brookline is located just west of City Center and a great 18 hole layout and some of the best greens around Boston. There is a full driving range available which is ranged as one of the best driving ranges in Boston and unique compared to other Boston area golf courses. The course costs are reasonable ($35 on a weekday and $45 on a weekend). The downside to this course is that many of the fairways are in rough shape. The grass is not consistent, there are bumps and burnt out spots. If you play the course with preferred lies in the fairways, everything is pretty good though. Learn more about Brookline Golf Course. 

4) George Wright Golf Course – Hyde Park, MA – 22 mins from City Center – George Wright golf course is a great facility owned and operated by the City of Boston. The course layout is fantastic and designed by the famed architect Donald Ross. The course is priced similar to other municipal courses in the Boston area ($50 on weekends and $41 weekdays). George Wright has a very large membership making it quite difficult to get a tee time and the rounds can be slow sometimes. The course is usually in pretty good condition and provides a good challenge for those who play it. If you are a resident of the city of Boston, the season membership for $1500 is pretty reasonable and provides you the opportunity to play the sister course William Devin in Dorchester too. Learn more about George Wright.

Braintree Municipal Golf Course

5) Braintree Municipal Golf Course – Braintree, MA – 18 Mins from City Center – Even though Braintree may be located a bit farther from the city, getting to the course is pretty easy since you just take 93 south and the course is located right off the highway. Braintree is a fun golf course to play. The holes are not too challenging and for a weekend golfer, the best word to describe the course is fun. The price to play is similar to other public golf courses in the Boston area ($48 on weekdays and $58 on weekends). Learn more about Braintree Municipal.

6) South Shore Country Club – Hingham, MA – 29 Mins from City Center – South Shore CC is a really nice public golf course owned by the town of Hingham. The course has a good variety of holes including a drivable par 4 to start off the round. The greens have some significant slope to them making putting a challenge especially if the greens are cut and rolling fast in the summer. The cost to play the course in line with other Boston golf facilities ($50 on weekdays and $65 on weekends). This course has a busy membership so it can be harder to get a tee time during peak times. The course has a neat bar set-up with multiple bowling alleys and golf simulators as well as a nice pool for families making it a great place to hang out after the round and enjoy. Learn more about South Shore.

I hope you enjoyed this article highlighting the best public golf courses in Boston.  If you are reading this article during the winter and are unable to get out on the course with cold weather, check out this list of the best indoor golf in Boston

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