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Indoor Golf: 5 Places to Play Around Atlanta

By Oliver Mauk

Atlanta summers can get hot, so why not take your practice session indoor to some of the local facilities? There are some great options to play indoor golf or get lessons and club fitting advice local to the Atlanta area. Below are five options for indoor golf near the city and a few comments about each facility. Please note, we have not been to all of these facilities, but are doing our analysis based on the facilities online presence.

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1) Good Game (TopGolf Swing Suite)

Good Game is a great option if you are looking for a fun time with friends or just having a beer after work. A good way to tune up the swing as well as enjoy yourself.

2) Swing Pros Atlanta

Swing Pros specializes in lessons and they use top technology like Flightscope x2. They also offer practice time and have a large indoor putting green with plenty of space. You're able to book lessons directly online and the students even have profiles on the website. 

3) GolfTEC Buckhead 

GolfTEC is primarily known for golf lessons, but they also have the opportunity for golfers to get fit and play and practice indoors. If you are looking to improve your game and get in some swings during the off-season or when the weather is poor, you can check out GolfTEC. They provide you with access to advanced golf training technology including motion measurement and video analysis. GolfTEC also has a pretty neat tool called the Clubhouse which offers an online tool for accessing all your golf lessons, Coach notes and instruction, suggested drills as well as the ability to schedule future lessons and practice.

Topgolf double bay

4) Topgolf Atlanta

Ok so this is not technically "indoor" but Topgolf gives its visitors one of the best golf experiences available. Sit and enjoy some food and drinks while in the comfort of your covered, heated hitting bays. If you're a serious golfer, this is a great spot to go on those rainy or overly hot days. 

5) Georgia Golf Center

This Golf Center has it all, outdoor range, indoor TrackMan to see measurements of club angle, swing speed and much more. Affordable family fun for the whole family.


If you are itching to get out to golf as much as I am, I thought the above indoor golf resources would be helpful to you. If you're looking for Atlanta golf tournaments, the Nextgengolf City Tour starts in May, so get those swings back into shape so we can bring home the City Championship title!


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