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4 best golf lawn games

By Ron LoRicco

How many of you would love to improve your golf game, enjoy yourself while doing it, and never even have to leave your own home? Due to golf's rise in popularity, games are constantly being released for the public to improve their game and have fun in different ways. Below is our list for the best lawn golf games you can buy. 

Chippo ($189.99) - Chippo is a combination of everyone's favorite lawn games: cornhole and chipping. Chippo can be played on all surfaces because of the portable hitting tarp and board with three different target nets. Unlike most other golf lawn games you can move the target to wherever you desire.  This is also a great way to work on sticking it to that pin. Chippo is a fun and competitive way to show your friends whose got the best short game.

Beer pong golf best golf game

Beer Pong Golf ($124 - $209) - Besides the fact that this game is loads of fun, it brings a competitive aspect and forces you to make all your cups first. This game is great for tailgates, parties, events and everyday use. Beer Pong Golf really brings the comradery. Similar to Chippo, this game has no boundaries with a two piece set. You can move the hitting tarp as close or far as you want to in order to tailor towards the shots you need to work on!

Putterball best golf game

Putterball ($159.99) - Putting, as most of you golfers know, can be the most frustrating part of the game; At the same time, it is also a tremendous feeling to hear that drop of the ball in the hole on a tough put. Putterball is similar to Beer Pong Golf, with the goal to make all the holes on the matt first. Instead of just designing the game with flat, straight putts, Putterball added a nice design to add some slope and unexpected movement to make the game more challenging.

TeeBags Golf ($59.00) - TeeBags Golf is another great game to work on that precision. The board comes with two kinds of artificial grass (similar to short rough and fairway difference) which is a standout from the other backyard golf games. A downfall with this game is that you need to already own a cornhole board because the TeeBag Golf Backyard Game simply just goes directly on top of it.

Know of some other backyard golf games that should be included here? Let me know at and I'll be sure to include them.

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