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5 benefits of playing golf as an adult

By Oliver Mauk

Golf is a unique sport, unlike any other out there. The lowest score wins. The ball is motionless when played, and most courses require collared shirt or no jeans. With all its quirks though, comes a list of benefits that other sports cannot provide. Golf is defined as a lifetime sport and can be played from 5-85 years old which is pretty neat. It's never too late to start playing golf and here are 5 benefits to playing golf as an adult. 

1. Good for your body - The average course requires a person to walk over five miles, carrying or pushing a bag and walking up and down different undulations. This can be a great workout, and can burn up to 2,000 calories depending on how flat or hilly the course is. Even if you are taking a cart, the golf swing itself is a full body workout, using arms, legs, and core muscles. Imagine the results if you do this on a daily or even weekly basis. 

2. Good for your mind - As physical as golf can be, 90% of the game is mental. An 18 hole round is basically one long mental exercise, constantly making you think and forcing you to stay focused on the task at hand. Golf can also help relieve stress, anxiety, and even depression. 

Golf research (Statistics from 2016, photo via The New Daily) 

3. Helps you make new friends and business connections - The game of golf is filled with friendly, interesting, and successful people. If you show up at a course with less than a foursome, you will often be paired with others. These people already have something in common with you, they also love golf! There are other ways to meet golfers too, including signing up for tournaments and team events, or joining the Nextgengolf City Tour as a free agent. 

4. Ability to play into your old age - Golf is a low-impact sport, meaning it causes little stress or damage to joints and muscles. This makes it much easier to play throughout your old age, and an elderly person can comfortably play without worry of extreme soreness or injury. Many people brag about shooting their age which is a pretty neat accomplishment. 

Old man golfer Nextgengolf

(Photo via The Herald Scotland)

5. Experience the outdoors and help protect nature - Perhaps the most beautiful and amazing part of golf is where it takes place. Unlike any other sport, golf requires many acres and miles of land to play, and most courses offer an abundance of trees, animals, and other wildlife to enjoy. Golf courses provide habitats for animals and plant species to thrive, so simply by playing golf you are helping to ensure these wildlife playgrounds remain intact. Learn more about the environmental impact of golf

Hope this list of benefits convinces you to either stick with golf or to get started. The good thing about all of these benefits of golf is that they apply to experts and beginners alike, so get out there and play!

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