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Golf jobs: 15 different jobs at a golf course

By Kris Hart

Looking for a golf job? Working in golf does have it benefits such as above average wages and complimentary playing privileges at the course! Despite the benefits, you need to consider some of the disadvantages such as working on weekends, waking up early, and providing excellent customer service to the members/patrons at a golf course at all times. The great news overall is that there are many options for part time, full time, and careers in golf if you are looking to getting a golf job.

Part-time golf jobs
1) Maintenance Staff – Helping keep the course looking nice

2) Bag room / cart staff – Helping players get their bags in an out of their car, moving carts around, managing tournaments, and keeping the bag room clean

3) Valet – For those courses that have valet services, this is a great job with solid tips! You can even drive a really nice car, but need to learn how to operate a stick shift!

4) Caddie – Carrying golf bags may not seem fun, but this golf job has many benefits such as high paying wages, networking with golfers, and most importantly caddie scholarships.

Many golf clubs and organizations offer college scholarships and grants for their staffers. Here is a resource to find golf scholarships by state

5) Waiter / busser / bartender – Working in the restaurant at a golf course can be a great way to be involved with golf without working directly on the course.

6) Kitchen staff / cook – Golfers need to eat and drink!

7) Halfway house / Drink cart – Most golfers tend to tip well, especially if you take good care of them with good food and drinks

8) Pro-shop staff – If you have a keen sense for style, helping golfers pick and choose what to wear and buy in the pro shops might be a fun job for you.

pro shop

9) Starter or gate security staff – These jobs are typically reserved for retirees but running the tee sheet at a golf course or managing who gets in the security gate at a private club is a nice part time gig.

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Full Time Jobs / Careers in Golf
10) PGA of LPGA Professional – Being a golf professional has significant rewards. Most professionals need to start out as assistant professionals before becoming a head golf professional. Golf Professionals run all the golf operations at a course, teach the game of golf, and run all the tournaments and events happening at the course. Learn more about becoming a PGA Professional.

11) Club Manager – If you are looking to understand more about the business of golf and business of running a golf club, becoming a club manager is the career for you. Beyond overseeing the golf operations at a club, managers are often running the food and beverage operations, operating the club pool, tennis courts, gym, membership marketing, and overall operations of a club. As a club manager, you oversee the P&L of a club, the financing of the club, and financial sustainability of the golf course.

12) Course Superintendent – Ever wonder who makes the course look great? Golf course superintendents are the men and women who run all the golf course maintenance such as staffing, grass growing, and setting those pins in difficult locations.

13) External Manager – Depending on the golf course or resort, each department at a golf course typically has a manager. The restaurant, tennis courts, caddie shack and event locker room might have a manager who controls all the operations for their respective part of the club.

14) Accounting, marketing, and membership operations – Behind the customer facing roles at golf courses, there are often many back-office staffers who run the accounting, membership sales, and marketing at the club.

15) Tournament Sales Staff – Some courses have dedicated staff who sell, manage, and run all the operations for tournaments happening at the club. These employees usually work under the golf professional or sales manager.

The golf industry employs hundreds of thousands of people each year. If there are any jobs I may
have missed, please comment below and I would be happy to add them! Whether you are working as a
part-time employee or full-time staffer, there is a golf job suitable for everyone!

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