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Dr. Cartin has an extensive background in both youth development through sport as well sport psychology consultation. After completing his Masters in Counseling Psychology from Boston University, Dr. Cartin spent 5 years as a counselor to high school athletes at Somerville High School in Somerville, MA. It his here where he developed his passion for helping athletes not only improve in their specific performance realm, but to also navigate through the sometimes difficult adolescent years. Along with his position at Somerville High School, Dr. Cartin did some coaching as well as consulting with local youth development through sport programs. His doctoral dissertation involved an in-school physical education intervention at Boston English High School. Upon completing his doctoral work, Dr. Cartin started GC3 Performance Consulting where he is able to continue to provide sport psychology consulting services to athletes of all levels and ages as well as continue to provide support to local youth programs. Contact him to today to schedule a free consultation and take the first step in reaching your full potential.
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Golf Help / July 29, 2016
Lessons in Golf Psychology: Thoughts are Not the Enemy

Lessons in Golf Psychology: Thoughts are Not the Enemy

By Greg Cartin

Oftentimes we attribute poor performance to negative thinking. In Jason Siff’s book “Thoughts are not the Enemy”, he describes a meditation practice that welcomes thought and allows for our minds to wander instead of trying to control or change what we think. It’s a drastic shift from the more traditional mindfulness practices that instruct us to simply be aware of thought and the wandering mind in a non-judgmental way, and when it does wander, for us to guide our attention back to our breath, a mantra, or some other type of anchor. In essence, to stop our thinking before it overtakes us.

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