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1st and 10th Tee Bars return for another season

By Oliver Mauk

The NCCGA continues its partnership with SCNS Foods to provide 1st and 10th tee bars to players at every single NCCGA tournament. The purpose is to provide healthy snacks on the course for our players, while helping promote a healthy food brand. 

1st Tee bars are meant to kick off your day and provide an energy boost to get you through the first nine holes. They are completely gluten free and contain nuts, oats, fiber, and more. 

1st tee bars

10th Tee bars give you the energy you need to finish the round strong, and keep you from fading on the back nine. Ginseng extract and green tea extract are the power ingredients that help revitalize your body after a grueling front nine. 

Want to order some Tee bars to have at home? All NCCGA members can receive 20% off orders of SCNS Sport Foods. Use code nextgen20 at checkout to receive your exclusive member discount. 

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