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Golf Brings the Community Together

By Golf2020Ambassador

#GOLFIS not only a sport but it is a lifestyle.

I learned this first hand at the Metropolitan Golf Writers Association 63rd Annual Awards Dinner, on June 23rd 2014. Freddy Couples and Nancy Lopez were both honored at the dinner, along with John Feinstein, Knickerbocker Country Club, The Blackwelders, Travelers and the NJ PGA. All of these honorees were well deserving of their awards, but it was something that John Feinstein said that really spoke to me: “Golf brings out the worst in us and the best in us.”

You can have a really bad round, cursing all the way off the course. You can be playing with your friends, just enjoying the game for the great sport it is, or golf brings the community together to celebrate the game and give back for future generations. The MGWA Dinner has raised over 1.3 million dollars towards charities like the Caddie Scholarship fund and other charitable endeavors.

I am proud and honored to be a part of such an amazing group of people and that is what #GOLFIS all about.

By: Erica Bloom

Twitter: @erica_bloom

Instagram: bloomiesmiles

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