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Notre Dame and Purdue to play Nationals in home state

By Tanner Kutek

The spring NCCGA National Championship is taking place in the state of Indiana. The Birck Boilermaker Complex will be the host, and the field has universities from everywhere in the United States, but there are a few colleges in the field that may have a little bit of home field advantage.

The University of Notre Dame’s club golf team is fortunate that their university is only located roughly two hours away from the Birck Boilermaker complex. Andrew Stineman is the President for Notre Dame’s team and after speaking with him, he and his team are ready to take on the challenge of competing for a National Championship. They have a familiar past with this complex having played the Ackerman-Allen course in the fall of 2016 and the Kampen course in the spring of 2018.

"We know that Kampen is one of the most difficult courses we’ll probably ever play as a team, but our ultimate goal still remains the same," said Stineman. Their plan is to start out strong on Saturday at Ackerman-Allen and lean on their patience and experience at Kampen on Sunday’s round. The whole team feels as if this is the biggest home advantage they will ever have while competing in the NCCGA National Championship. 


If Notre Dame feels like they have a home field advantage how do you think the team that is only about three minutes away feels? That team is Purdue University. Their Club President Clark Eby made it clear that the team had a ton of confidence going into this Championship, but they remain humble because of the great competition in the field.

"We have played both courses a bunch and will lean on that course knowledge to hopefully give us an advantage." Eby added that “sleeping in our own beds" was another advantage. Who knows, GAA-Myrtle won last semester in their hometown, and that could certainly happen again. 

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