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PART 2: Why Millennial Golf Is A Challenge

By Nextgengolf

This is part 2 of a series of articles highlighting the reasons why playing the game is a challenge for 18 to 34-year-olds. Read the rest of the series.

Over the past 20 years, the participation rate among millennial golfers has decreased by roughly 30-percent. With young adults still accounting for a large segment of the active golf population, the GOLF 20/20 Ambassadors are telling the the industry why millennial golf needs to change to engage the younger generation.


  1. Practice takes effort and time: To play well and have fun, you need to practice, and there are often more enticing options to spend my time than frustrating myself on the range.
  2. The game makes me think too much: When I play or practice, I am always trying to think about how I can improve, but in many ways overthinking can be a curse in golf. It is hard to find a balance between just playing and thinking.
  3. School: I often am unable to golf because I have too much schoolwork or tests to study for.
  4. 18 holes takes a lot of energy: In the places I play (California and Florida) it is always hot which can easily drain someone especially when I’m tired. It would be easier to play nine, but there are much less options for nine hole play.
  5. Living in LA: Going to school at USC makes it hard to get to and from a course. My golf club carpools to events, but many including me do not have cars, and the traffic in LA is crazy. Furthermore, the nearest golf course is about 30 min away.

By: Noah Kartha

Twitter: @karthabird

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