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3 reasons playing golf alone helps your golf game

By Travis Richardson

Do you hate playing golf alone? Yeah, me too. Playing golf with great people can make or break whether you enjoy your golf experience or not. Golf Digest recently wrote about the 8 worst things about playing golf alone. Since most of us can only play a limited number of rounds during the year, playing with enjoyable people is a requirement for a weekend round. If you are a golfer like me that strives to improve your game, here are 3 reasons why playing golf by yourself once per month can really help your golf game.

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1) You have time for practicing your great shots and get consistent

Depending on the type of solo round you are having, playing golf alone affords you the ability to practice your mistakes and get consistent by hitting the same shot multiple times in a row. When is the last time you hit a great shot and then dropped another ball down again and said, “I’m gonna hit the same great shot again”? Most of us only drop a second practice ball down during a round if you hit a bad shot and then try to fix the bad shot with a good one. The next time you are out there playing by yourself work on getting consistent by hitting the same great shot multiple times. Drop 3 balls. Hit one straight. Then hit one with a draw. Then hit one with a cut. Don’t just practice your mistakes, replicate your successful shots and get more consistent with the good ones!

2) You can figure out the right club to hit off the tee

Playing golf solo can really help you on those 330 yard par 4s where you struggle to figure out the right club to hit off the tee. The next time you encounter one of these holes, play 3 balls on the same hole. Hit a 3-iron off the tee with one ball, a 3-wood with the 2nd ball and a driver with the 3rd ball. Given most people are more consistent when hitting a 3-iron off the tee, I’d be willing to bet you get a more consistent score when hitting a 3 iron versus a driver. I’m often wrong and perhaps the drive will be better for your game, but at least the next time you play that tee shot, you will feel confident you are hitting the right club.

3) You should play fast helping you develop rhythm and a routine

Most golf courses shun letting singles out unless the course is very slow, or you are playing at an off-peak time such as early in the morning or later in the evening. Since you will be playing alone, there is a good chance you will be playing quickly. Playing fast golf helps golfers build momentum and a rhythm. Have a good tempo and developing a routine are often two small factors that golfers overlook when getting better at the game. The next time you are playing golf alone, work on taking the same number of practice swings for every shot and set a time goal to finish your round. Since there will typically be no one in front of you, there is a good chance you could finish in less than 3 hours if you keep a steady pace!

Playing golf solo is no fun although it can really help your game…..Ever thought about joining a golf team?

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