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The difference between golf leagues and golf tournaments

By Kris Hart

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If you are joining a golf league or playing in golf tournaments, both are great options to compete, network, and build relationships on the golf course. We often get the question from Nextgengolf City Tour players if we run a golf league or host golf tournaments. There are some significant differences between golf leagues and golf tournaments which we thought it was important for golfers to know. We hope that you will get out there and join a league or a tournament in the future.

Golf Tournaments

  • Tournaments are one-off events held at different courses. Successful tournaments are typically run on an annual basis at the same course each year
  • Tournaments take place on both weekdays and weekends
  • Tournaments are at least 18 holes and you will rarely find a 9 hole tournaments.
  • Tournaments can be multi-day events
  • One tournament is typically more expensive than one league round given you get awards, prizes, and gifts included in the fee. Average tournament prices range from $50-$150 depending on the facility and whatever additional things are cooked into the price. Tournaments do no charge membership fees
  • Tournaments can be used to benefit charities and part of your entry fee goes towards a donation to the charity.
  • At tournaments you may see the same faces each year, but there are usually different faces each time you play in a golf tournament.
  • Golf tournaments are limited to 120 golfers which would mean 30 foursomes, but usually have about 100 players in an event.
  • Depending on the tournament, you may or may not need a handicap to play in a tournament.

 Nextgengolf only runs team-based tournaments that do not require a handicap.


Golf Leagues

  • Golf leagues are held at the same course weekly.
  • Leagues usually take place on a consistent basis at the same time each week. Many leagues take place during the evening after work, but sometimes there are leagues that take place during the day (these are typically for retirees).
  • Golf leagues usually charge an upfront league fee and you pay for the greens fee each week as part of the league. League membership ranges from $50-500 upfront and greens fees can cost $20-50 a week depending on the golf facility you are playing and if you are walking or taking a cart.
  • Golf leagues are limited to 60 players which is 15 foursomes, but usually have about 40 players.
  • Golf leagues are usually only 9 holes.
  • When playing in golf leagues, you will consistently see the same people week-over-week and compete against these golfers throughout the year. Many golf leagues are with co-workers as an after-work activity. Golf leagues are a great networking tool for business!
  • You typically need a handicap to play in a golf league

In conclusion, if you're looking for a consistent group of people to play with on a weekly basis, a golf league is the right choice for you. If you are looking to play a variety of courses with different people on weekdays and weekends, playing in different tournaments would be a better fit. If you have questions or need help finding a golf league or tournament near you, send us an email and we will try to help! Info@nextgengolf.org

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