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7 funniest golf Instagrams to follow

By Mike Devlin

It’s no secret that Instagram has become a powerful media tool, especially in the golf industry. In fact, in our recent annual golf industry survey over 50% of respondents said they turn to Instagram to consume golf content. A large portion of this golf content comes in the form of humor, so we thought we’d list out the 5 funniest golf instagrams that you should be following.

  • Skratch TV - These guys bring a great mix of original content and create some really funny mash-ups of (mainly) professional golf videos. They also do a good amount of traveling and capturing great moments at courses around the world. Definitely a great follow especially if you’re a follower of the PGA and/or LPGA Tour!

  • Zire Golf - This account is private, but I think everyone who requests being part of it gets accepted given they have over 1 million followers. Zire is one of the funniest golf instagrams to following given they post some of the best videos from around the world and do not just focus on things happening in the US golf market. Zire takes guest posts if you DM them too which is cool to be featured if you have a funny golf video to share.
  • Fore Play Podcast - This is the official Instagram of Barstool Sports’ golf podcast (which also fall on our list of the Top 5 golf podcasts you should be listening to). Their Insta brings together excerpts from their podcast and vlogs with PGA pros like Kevin Kisner or Tiger Woods and re-purposed content from other accounts. They stay true to their tagline of “by the common golfer, for the common golfer”.  

Fore Play Golf is funny

  • Golf Gods - This account tends to favor some more “crude humor” but Golf Gods were one of the original Instagram accounts to aggregate funny videos circling the internet. Their success in grabbing people’s attention is evidenced by their near half a million following.

  • Golf Starz - Another account that mainly aggregates content from around social media and the internet. However, Golf Starz seems to find some diamonds in the rough (no pun intended). Their knack for finding less well-known pictures and videos makes for a great follow.

Golf Starz Logo

  • PGA Memes - They are NOT affiliated with the PGA (as noted in their bio) but their memes are on point. This private account is easily digestible and right up the alley of those who follow the tour closely.

  • ClubProGuy - This account is one of the funniest golf instagram accounts because they find humor in the average golf professional and the stupid things which a pro needs to deal with on a weekly basis for members. If you have ever been a member of a club, you will find some humor in this account. 

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