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2018 Student Leaders reflect on experience

By Oliver Mauk

Nextgengolf and the NCCGA finds four dedicated Student Leaders every year to work with our team to help grow club golf. This years leaders exceeded expectations and helped make club golf a better experience for college teams. Here is a little bit about each of their experiences. 

Brandon Bone, NCCGA President - During my time as the 2018 NCCGA President, I learned how to conduct myself around employers and on podcasts. I also learned how to construct a powerful resume though guidance from Nextgengolf CEO Kris Hart. I’ve come to understand how valuable it is for a team to trust one another in the golf industry, as the Nextgengolf team and Student Leaders rely on each other's strengths to work efficiently and effectively. I highly valued being available as a resource to any college student that participates in the NCCGA and helping guide golf clubs to success. It is my job to make sure each student has the best possible experience and we were able to accomplish that this year.

Doug Terc

Doug Terc, NCCGA Marketing Leader  - The past year, I served as the NCCGA’s Student Marketing Leader. In this position, I was responsible for all of the graphics involved with the National Tournament, such as logos, banners, webpage material, t-shirts and bag tags. In addition to these, on a weekly basis, I created the graphics of Player of The Week, Team of the Week and Student Leader Picks for social media. Other unique opportunities also popped up, such as graphics for top players and teams heading into Nationals, and some logo/banner work for City Tour and NHSGA. The NextGenGolf team is outstanding to work with, they are great people who are passionate about what they do. The best part of my position was at my first Nationals in St. Louis, where I got to see the designs I worked on all semester plastered on every golf ball, banner, hat and more. This marketing role places a greater emphasis on the content itself, and Nextgengolf does most of the posting and distribution of the materials, which makes it very fun and creative for someone interested in graphic design. I will never forget the memories from this position between the people I met, places I got to go, and skills I acquired.

Women's Ambassador

Meghan Zech, Women's Golf Ambassador - When I received an email from Connor suggesting I apply for a Student Leader position, I was quite unfamiliar with the tasks of the positions. However, I decided to apply regardless. A few phone calls with the Nextgengolf staff later and before I knew it, I was working with a team of people I had never met, in three different time zones, writing blog posts and planning the season. At Nationals last spring, Matt assigned me the task of starter for both days. In the weeks leading up to the tournament, thoughts like, “What happens when I say someone’s name wrong? Will they listen when I talk? And the worst one, “Am I going to have to talk in a microphone?” But as more groups came to the tee and I had the opportunity to talk to the players, the more I enjoyed it. And when fall Nationals came along, I was ecstatic when I got to start again. While the experience flew by, the people I met, between players on the course and the awesome team I was lucky enough to work with, meant more than I could’ve thought when I accepted the position last year. I know that I will continuously use my experience as a student leader to influence future actions and knowledge in years to come.

Cameron Bullman Director of Operations

Cameron Bullman, Director of Tournament Operations - A big part of what made this year so special was my time spent working for the NCCGA as the Director of Tournament Operations. I got to work with different people each week by auditing yardages as well as slope/rating for each regional tournament across the country. Along with this, I was in charge of choosing team of the week and player of the week. I always enjoyed that part of the job because I got to see how great the scores were across the country for club golf. This position also requires knowledge of the rules of golf, which is something that I already knew pretty well but mastered due to this roll. I am currently working on the 2019 rules change that the USGA will be rolling out starting in January. I would highly recommend this position to anyone looking to get into tournament operations or has previous ops experience. 

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