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4 reasons why every PGM student should play club golf

By Kris Hart

Professional Golf Management (PGM) Students are the future of the golf industry. Given Nextgengolf is now part of the PGA of America family, it’s important that all PGM students know that NCCGA Club Golf is an option for them and understand why it is important that PGM students play collegiate club golf. Here are 4 reasons why every PGM student should consider playing collegiate club golf.

1) PAT – The Player Ability Test (PAT) is something every PGM student needs to pass as part of their journey to becoming a PGA Professional. Passing the PAT is easy for some, but very difficult for others. Playing newer, unknown courses under stressful conditions and making sure every ball goes in the hole is difficult. Club golf regional tournaments are all stroke play events, held on courses within 2 hours of campus, with players from other colleges. The uncomfortable feeling of tournament golf will help PMG students practice for passing their PAT. Also, starting this fall, the NCCGA Fall National Championship will provide the opportunity for PGM students who qualify for the championship, use the 36 hole championship event as an opportunity to take (and hopefully pass) their PAT test.

PGM club golf

2) Competition - PGM students are often great golfers and with loads of talent. Although a PGM students may think club golf is a step below playing varsity college golf, students will quickly find club golf scores are very good and the competition is strong. Many students even use club golf scores and tournaments to walk-on the varsity programs at their college.

View Spring 2019 NCCGA Rankings3) Fun and travel – Playing club golf allows students to travel and play locally and nationally with a team. Similar to the popular Jones Cup for PGM players, NCCGA provides students the ability to compete, travel as a team, and have fun meeting students from other colleges and universities nationally at great golf venues. Representing your school and playing as a team against 400 other colleges is pretty fun.

PGM fun and travel club golf

4) Club golfers are your future members – NCCGA club golfers are the future members at your clubs. The role of a PGA golf professional is ever changing. The best golf professionals are those pros who can build meaningful relationships with members, attract new members to a club, and increase spend of members. If you want to learn what the future of golf wants, interact and build relationships with NCCGA club golfers since these students are avid players and the future of the industry.

Hope the above information is helpful for PGM students to know why playing club golf many be beneficial and fun at the same time. We look forward to seeing many PGM students playing in NCCGA club golf tournaments this fall. If you have any questions about playing club golf, please contact Ben Tyler, a former PGM student from Coastal Carolina who is now working for the NCCGA. Ben@nccga.org

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