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Fall 2019 preseason rankings

By Oliver Mauk

With the Fall 2019 NCCGA season beginning this weekend, it's time to reveal the preseason top 25. These rankings are voted on by the NCCGA Student Ambassadors based on performance from last season and how the team looks headed into the new season.

Preseason Top 25

1. University of Florida - North Florida

2. Grand Canyon University - Desert

3. Arizona State University - Desert

4. Clemson University - Southeast

5. University of Arkansas - Ozark

6. Missouri State University - Central

7. University of Notre Dame - Indiana

8. University of Georgia - Southeast

9. University of Arizona - Desert

10. Providence College - New England

11. Michigan State University - Midwest

12. University of Alabama - South

13. Robert Morris University - Atlantic

14. North Carolina at Wilmington - North Carolina

15. DePaul University- Great Lakes

16. Virginia Tech - Colonial

17. Miami University (OH) - Ohio Valley

18. University of Missouri - Central

19. Baylor University - Texas

20. University of Dayton - Ohio Valley

21. University of Minnesota - Twin Cities

22. North Carolina at Chapel Hill - North Carolina

23. University of Wisconsin - North

24. Xavier University - Ohio Valley

25. University of Michigan - Midwest

Also receiving votes

Colorado State University - Mountain 

Keiser University - North Florida

University of Kansas - Central

University of Illinois - Great Lakes

Texas State University - Texas

University of Nevada, Las Vegas - Desert

The top 2 spots go unchanged from last semester's preseason rankings, with Florida and Grand Canyon continuing to show season after season why they are top NCCGA programs. Arizona State is edging closer to taking out GCU in the Desert region though, thus giving them the #3 ranking. The Spring 2019 National Champions Clemson would be even higher than #4 if they didn't lose a handful of quality seniors, but expect the team to contend for a 2nd straight title. 

Clemson National Champs

While there doesn't seem to be one dominant team, the Ohio Valley region was the only region to have 3 teams crack the top 25 with Miami (#17), Dayton (#20), and Xavier (#24). This region has produced multiple Invitational winners over the past few semesters, but no Championships. Can one of these teams finally bring a National Championship back to Ohio?


The Desert region looks like it may be the most talented, with GCU (#2) and Arizona State (#3) both looking to have Championship caliber seasons. Also receiving votes was UNLV, the newcomer of the Desert region. They have some tremendous talent and could be a dark horse to qualify for Nationals for the first time. 

Rankings will be updated weekly once tournaments have been completed, so be sure to check out the updated team and player rankings each week. 

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