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Instagram tips for golf clubs and teams

By Chelsea Sedlar

Whether you are building a club from the ground up or are looking to improve your current club team, social media will be an important asset!  There are over three billion people that use social media, one billion of those are people on Instagram. Instagram has quickly become one of the most used social media platforms for high school and college aged persons. Using social media to give members a platform to share their love for what they're doing at your club can become a powerful acquisition tool. Here are some Instagram tips for golf if you are starting or growing your club golf team Instagram along with some examples of club teams that have the process down! 

Make Your Account Noticeable and Identifiable  

If a user looks at your profile they should be able to easily identify who you are and how they can get more information on the club. Take a look at the Depaul club golf team’s instagram page. Their handle is easily searchable, their profile picture is their specific club golf logo, and their description will let anyone on that page know exactly who they are. The University of Michigan does all of the same things as Depaul, but where Depaul could improve is providing more up front information about the club. If you look at the University of Michigan club golf team’s page you can see a link to their team site in the description. If you don’t think you have a link to put in your bio, every club golf team has a team specific webpage through the NCCGA! Find your team specific web page here.  Instagram tips for golf #1 is to Make Your Account Noticeable and Identifiable


  Depaul College Golf Instagram         Michigan College Golf Instagram


Finding Accounts to Follow and Following the Right Accounts

All it takes is a quick search to find accounts to follow. Start by finding other club golf instagram pages and then start following pages in the golf industry. You want your club golf instagram page to be all about golf! Take a look at other club team pages as you follow them for tips and tricks on how to make your page better. Following other team pages will also grow your audience as all the club golf pages will follow you back to keep up with what your club golf team is doing. Make sure to be following golf companies with a strong social media presence to keep up with everything happening in the industry. Following the mens and womens varsity golf teams at your campus and in your conference can also help your players get noticed on the club team. Instagram tips for golf #2 is to Finding Accounts to Follow and Following the Right Accounts


College Golf InstagramCollege Golf Instagram accounts


Need some more inspiration, follow the NCCGA Instagram


Start Posting and Engage With Others

Once you have the page up and running it is time to start posting! Posting the right things are crucial to engage your followers and spread the word about your club golf team. Highlighting members of the club, congratulating members on tournament successes, or allowing members to post about why they love club golf will let your followers learn more about the team and any potential recruits. You should use your club golf team instagram to promote any events you have going on. Post about the club fair, fundraising, practices, or anything else you think your followers should know about. It’s important to keep your followers engaged and interested. Pro tip: Tag @nccga so we can repost and promote your account! Instagram tips for golf #3 is to Start Posting and Engage With Others

College Golf bagsWisconsin College Golf InstagramCollege Golf fundraiser


Keep the Posting Going 

Make sure you keep posting, tagging, commenting, etc. Keeping the page active, informative, and fun will keep your followers engaged and excited about your club golf team! Ready to make a page for your club golf team? Download the app, build the page, follow @nccga, search for other accounts to follow and start posting! Hope the instagram tips for golf article is helpful for your team. 

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