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Presidents poll: Nationals week

By Teddy Rettinger

Presidents Poll Top 25 - Nationals Week
1 Arizona State (12)
2 Grand Canyon (9)
3 Texas (2)
4 Florida (2)
5 Florida State
6 Alabama
7 Baylor (1)
8 Golf Academy of America – Dallas
9 Georgia
10 Michigan (1)
11 Virginia
12 Mizzou
13 Michigan St
14 Wisconsin - Madison
15 Oklahoma
16 Minnesota – Twin Cities
17 Southern Methodist
18 Arkansas
19 DePaul
20 South Carolina
21 Maryland
22 Ohio State
23 Indiana
24 Virginia Tech
25 Villanova
Others receiving votes:
GAA - Chandler (433) Texas Christian (422) Clemson (343) Oregon (327) California Polytechnic (300)
Texas A & M (294) GAA - MB (292) Colorado State (201) Other Schools with less than 200 votes: 24

Voter Insight:
Q: What should we expect from Nationals Weekend?
Grant Johnson (Maryland)
A: -Bringing a smaller lineup of 6 guys but surely some fire power. Led by rookie Joey
Difrancesco, Terps have a solid core of guys who have the potential to take it deep. Notable storyline:
Former NCCGA President Grant Johnson making his 19th and final NCCGA start and his 5th nationals
appearance. R1 pairing with former SL Adam Gracik from Depaul.
Luke Stull (Mighigan)
A: Look out for MSU, sneaky good. Wisconsin is relentless (played outside their own region just for the
love of the game), dedication is huge. Watch for Judson Bro of Bradley to win the NIT, he's capping off
a HOF career out there. Michigan is ranked fifth in the country right now despite only having five total
golfable days this semester so far. Not to mention, we usually finish 5-10 spots ahead of our ranking at
nationals. Expect Providence to shoot somewhere around 425 both days.

Presidents Pick Em
Teddy Rettinger (Baylor)
Nationals: Baylor, ASU, Texas
NIT: Mizzou St
Individual: Varun Chandrasekar, ASU

Teig Hauer (ASU)
Nationals: ASU, GCU, Texas
NIT: Mizzou St (By 10+)
Individual: Jack Hiemenez, ASU (Shooting 130)

Garret Anderson (Nebraska)
Nationals: ASU, Minnesota, Texas
NIT: Nebraska

Austin Landis (Michigan St)
Nationals: Michigan St, Michigan, ASU
NIT: Notre Dame

Colton Grow (Virginia Tech)
Nationals: Michigan, ASU, Florida
NIT: Liberty

Brandon Bone (Cal Poly/NCCGA Prez)
Nationals: GCU, ASU, Texas
NIT: Baylor B

Dane Reinhardt (Creighton)
Nationals: GCU, ASU, Florida

Will McMahon (Grand Canyon)
Nationals: GCU, Alabama, ASU
Nationals Field by Rank

National Championship:
#1 ASU, #2 GCU. #3 Texas, #4 Florida, #5 Florida State, #6 Alabama, #7 Baylor, #8 GAA- Dallas, #9
Georiga, #10 Michigan, #12 Mizzou, #13 Michigan St, #14 Wisconsin, #15 Oklahoma, #16 Minnesota –
TC, #18 Arkansas, #19 DePaul, #21 Maryland, #22 Ohio State, #23 Indiana, #24 Virginia Tech, Not
Ranked: Providence, Creighton, Iowa, Colorado St, Clemson, James Madison, TCU
National Invitational:
Not Ranked: Central Washington, Boston, Niagra, Central Connecticut State, Robert Morris, Cincinnati,
Mizzou St, Liberty, Baylor (B), Iowa State, Miami (OH), Notre Dame, Nebraska, California, Wisconsin -

Regional Stats:
Texas Region: 4 Teams [#3 Texas, #7 Baylor, #8 GAA – Dallas, # 17 SMU]

Midwest Region: 2 Teams [#10 Michigan, #13 Michigan St]
South Region: 2 Teams [#6 Alabama, #9 Georgia]
Colonial Region: 2 Teams [#11 Virginia, #24 Virginia Tech]
Desert Region: 2 Teams [#1 ASU, #2 GCU]
North Florida: 2 Teams [#4 Florida, #5 Florida State]
Ozark Region: 2 Teams [#15 Oklahoma, #18 Arkansas]
Participants: Baylor, ASU, Nebraska, Texas Tech, Niagra, Abilene Christian, Michigan, GAA – Dallas,
Creighton, UW – Stout, Virginia Tech, Alabama, Liberty, Maryland, GCU, Indiana, Florida, Navy,
Michigan State, Georgia, Cal Ploy SLO, Minnesota, Texas, DePaul, Colorado State, Cleveland State

Individual Ballots can be seen here:

Any suggestions or questions can be sent to teddy_rettinger@baylor.edu or DM @canesfan369 on twitter.

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