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Senior Excited for Golf Internship with Nextgengolf

By Erik Laaksonen LinkedIn

erik laaksonen.jpgHello! My name is Erik Laaksonen and I am the Sales and Marketing Intern for Nextgengolf this Spring semester.  I am currently a Senior, Marketing and Sport Management dual-major, at Western New England University where I am also a member of the Men’s Varsity Golf Team.

As an avid golfer myself, I couldn’t think of a better place for golf internship experience than Nextgengolf where everyone enjoys the game just as much as I do.  

Growing up I also played baseball and hockey, but golf remains #1 to this day.  Like many golf fans my age, growing up in the Tiger-era was something that truly crafted my love for the game.  Seeing some of the things he was able to do with a golf club in his and was truly remarkable.

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With the semester underway, I am excited to learn from the Nextgengolf team as well as translate what I’ve learned in the classroom to help the game and the company grow even greater. Also, the best part about being with Nextgengolf might be the putting green in the office. It took me three weeks, but I finally managed to get my name on the leaderboard!

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