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Presenting the NCCGA 2016 Hole in One Club

By Travis Richardson

It's one of the rarest achievements in golf: the elusive hole in one! The odds of an amateur golfer scoring hole in one is 12,500 to 1 according to Golf Digest. Despite the odds, the NCCGA had eight golfers hit a hole in one at regional tournaments during the Spring or Fall seasons. We wanted to take a minute and recognize their incredible accomplishment, and hope it leads to many more!

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indiana region hole in one.jpgFall 2016

    • Tom Wheeler, Akron University: Fox Den Golf Course #3 (above)
    • Jacoby Smith, Vanderbilt University: Stone Mountain Golf Club #16
    • Kyler Snow, Golf Academy-Dallas: The Golf Club of Dallas #7
    • Jack Morris, Notre Dame: Harrison Hills Country Club #2 (right)
    • Brian Coleman, School of Mines: Highland Meadows Golf Course #11
    • Adam Snyder, Virginia Tech: Colonial Heritage Golf Club #14

Spring 2016

  • Shane Ezepik, Boston University: Hickory Ridge Golf Club #17
  • Tyler Tarbet, Western Carolina: Cutter Creek Golf Club #3
Did you get a hole in one this year outside of NCCGA regional tournament play? Let us know! Tweet at us @nccga and we'll show you some love.

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