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Which NCCGA Teams Top the Power Five College Golf Rankings

By Kris Hart

The NCCGA just wrapped up the spring regular season and we are happy to present a new feature to our platform showcasing conference rankings for college golf club teams.

Given club golf teams compete in local regions, rather than by division or conference, we are excited to showcase where club golf teams stack up against their biggest college rivals. Now you'll have something to brag about at the next Ohio State-Michigan football game.

Check out the new leaderboards to see where your college golf team ranks compared against your conference foes.

ACCClemson College Golf Club Team

The Clemson Tigers are on top off the ACC club golf rankings, and Michael Savitt from Duke is the top individual player. Overall the ACC placed qualified eight teams for the Spring 2017 NCCGA National Championship, including regional champions in the Atlantic (Pitt), Indiana (Notre Dame), and New England (Boston College).

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Big 10

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is the top team in the Big 10 and Luke Stull from Michigan is the top individual player. Five teams from the Big 10 qualified for NCCGA Nationals led by the Badgers and followed closely by fellow regional champs Minnesota and Michigan.

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Big 12

Oklahoma State is the top club golf team in the Big 12 lead by Cameron Sartin who earned top individual honors this spring. The Big 12 is only sending two teams to this season's championship, with Texas Region champs Baylor joining OSU.

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ASU College Golf Club TeamPac-12

Arizona State earned the top spot in the Pac-12 club golf rankings this spring and David Leede from Stanford is our top individual this semester. The Sun Devils made their presence well known, notching their A and B teams in the Top 3.

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The University of Alabama Club Golf earned the top SEC club golf team honors this spring, including 3 players being ranked as the top 3 individual players in the SEC as well. Congrats to Connor Elder, Lee Brooks, and Noah Beatty. Roll Tide!

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We decide to start ranking teams in the Power Five conferences, but are open to creating new custom leaderboards for other conferences and teams in the future. Have a leaderboard suggestion? Email tech@nextgengolf.org with your idea.

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Not every college in the Power 5 Conferences has a club golf team. Do you know a student at a major school interested in playing college golf? Help them start a club golf team! The best part of the NCCGA is sharing the experience with fellow non-varsity students across the country.

We hope you enjoy these college golf rankings and look forward to creating new custom leaderboards for college golf rankings in the future. Other suggestions? Tweet to us @nccga.

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