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A Guide to Finding Golf Courses Near Me

By Travis Richardson

Who doesn't love playing a new golf course for the first time? The thrill of arriving to the course, hitting the practice green, and the surprises you see on every hole as you attempt to conquer it for the first time. But so often we find a golf course we enjoy, and just keep playing at the same one over and over.

Search for Golf Courses Near Me

So this weekend try out a new course. Find a new challenge and give it a chance, even for one round. And to help you find the right one to try, here's a guide on how to find golf courses near me.


golf_advisor_homepage.png1) Golf Advisor

If you want to make sure the course you're about to drop a chunk of change on is legitimate, search for it on Golf Advisor. The review site allows you to search by zip code, bringing up a comprehensive list of all the golf courses in the area, its ratings, and customer reviews. Plug in your zip code and check out all the courses. Or, have a little fun and pick a city a little out of the way. Take a short road trip and see a new side of the golf scene.

2) Golf Now

Take some of the decision-making out of the equation by looking on GolfNow. Plug in your zip code and look for a hot deal in the area. It provides a great opportunity to try new courses, and at the same time save a little money.

3) Friends

Ask your friends. There's might be no more trusted source than your friends and their recommendations on courses to try out. Reach out to your regular golf partners, and see if they've played any courses recently that they think you should try out. Better yet, ask them to go with you and make a fun weekend out of it.

4) Social Media

Trust your social network. Post a question on your social media channels, "Which golf courses should I play this weekend?". See what your followers, and even their followers, have to say. To make sure you don't waste your time, run the suggestions through Golf Advisor to see what others have said.

5) Radius Search

There's a plethora of golf course search engines out there. Most of them operate by typing in your zip code or city, and it brings up a list of courses. Some sites even allow you to search by driving distance. Plug in your zip code and do a radius search for golf courses near me. Try and extend it 20 miles outside of your city and see what comes up. Or try looking for a links style course if you normally play traditional. Or if you are short on time, try an executive course. Then brag to your friends later about your low score.

I'd love to hear about any new courses you played as a result of these choices, or if I missed a way to find golf courses near me. Let me know on Twitter @nextgolfer!

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