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Best golf shots from the past ten years

By Mike Devlin


With all of the talk about Tiger's return to golf (again), it got me thinking that come July it will be ten (!!) years since Tiger's last major championship win. Since that time there has been a lot of great golf played and shots we'll never forget. But  which ones are the best? After a lot of consideration and tough decisions, below are the five best golf shots of the past ten years. 

5. The 2012 Masters (2nd hole, Augusta National), Louis Oosthuizen 

On the final day of The Masters in 2012, Louis Oosthuizen did the [near] impossible, holing out for a double eagle. Louis chased up a 4 iron from 250+ yards to make his albatross and joined only 3 other players that had done it before him at Augusta National. Although, Oosthuizen would ultimately lose in a playoff to Bubba Watson, the shot itself deserves a spot on our top 5.  

4. The 2008 Open Championship (17th Hole, Royal Birkdale) Padraig Harrington (minute 1:33)

Remember when Padraig Harrington won 3 major in 2008? Yup, that happened. In fact, Harrington actually won 4/6 majors starting with his 2007 Open Championship win. Of all the great shots in this stretch of dominance, one shot stood out amongst the rest: Harrington's approach to No. 17 at Royal Birkdale on his way to winning the 2008 Open Championship. Padraig roped a 5 wood into a fierce wind, cozying up to a few feet leading to an eagle that would secure his victory. 

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3. The 2008 U.S. Open (18th Hole, Torrey Pines), Tiger Woods

It wasn't a exactly a "pretty" finishing hole for Tiger in the 2008 US Open, but like most of his performances he came up big when it mattered. The 18 foot swinging putt from Woods to force a playoff with Rocco Mediate is one that will be remembered forever. Oh yeah and Tiger would go on to win the US Open in an 18 hole playoff.... with a ruptured ACL. 

2. The 2012 Masters (Playoff, Augusta National), Bubba Watson 

Bubba's 9-iron from the trees in the 2012 Masters was one of the most improbable shots you will ever see. Combine that with the fact it was in a playoff and you've got yourself one of the best shots off all time. Don't take our word for it, Sport Science will prove the ridiculous-ness of this shot:  

1. The 2010 Masters (13th hole, Augusta National), Phil Mickelson

Phil can be a polarizing golfer. He's seemingly beloved by most dads of the world but has limited popularity with the younger generation (perhaps, attributed to the rise of Tiger Woods during his era). Regardless of your opinion on Phil his shot on the 13th hole of the final round in the 2010 Masters doesn't just mark the top golf shot of the past 10 years but marks one of the best shots of all time. 

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