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Best places to get golf club reviews

By Connor Brown


Whether it is weighing your options before buying new clubs or just consuming general equipment news, many golfers turn to online resources to get the latest information. It's difficult to stay in the loop with the constant revolving door of golf club technology and new equipment. There are, however, a few sites that are worthwhile to get your unique set of golf club reviews and equipment news. 

Golf WRX: If you’re a gearhead like me, you probably have Golf WRX bookmarked to check up on everything from the latest club testing numbers to checking the “whats in the bag” of recent tour winners or your favorite golfers. WRX not only has great golf club reviews, it also provides news from the PGA tour, industry related stories and a robust online forum with golfers sharing their individual experiences on gear. If you are looking to get an honest review of products, user feedback and the hard numbers and specs, look no further than the GolfWRX guys.

Golf Digest Hot List: Every year Golf Digest comes out with their Hot List. Seen by almost everyone who plays the game, the Hot List is the marquee name in club reviews. When you go into any golf shop or look online for clubs look out for Digest's Hot List gold or silver ribbon award (their stamp of approval). For the past 15 years the list has been compiled by utilizing industry experts, scientists and judges from Digest that have graded clubs based on performance, innovation, feel and demand. If you are considering buying new equipment, you wouldn’t be going wrong with using the Hot List as a resource for golf club reviews. 

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MyGolfSpy: When it comes to unbiased testing and being true “golf guys” the website mygolfspy.com is the real deal. Every year they release their "most wanted" clubs and club reviews; diligently making sure they test a number of swing types, swing speeds, shaft options, etc. When looking through their testing numbers each category receives detailed analysis that everyone can understand. You don’t need a physics degree to be informed about the newest of technologies. When deciding on buying your next clubs, make sure to visit the site as you won’t find better analysis anywhere.

The Hackers Paradise: When deciding what may work best for your game it is not always as simple as reading the numbers or believing the company ads for 7,11 or 15 years longer if you switch to that club. THP provides the ultimate community for people to engage with everyday golfers, unbiased analysis of the newest products and the ability to get feedback from golfers in situations like yourself. Let’s face it, buying new golf clubs is an expensive habit and that task needs to be well thought out, backed up with results and confidence. Pairing the online community with podcasts, online video and the a robust community of loyal followers, THP continues to be a go to stop in the buying journey for many golfers in addition to the equipment junkies looking for the newest spin rate numbers.

Jonathan Wall: Having updates and on site analysis of PGA Tour players equipment set ups is a niche market right? Jonathan Wall is proving as a writer for the PGA Tour that everyday golf fans want to learn about what goes into the testing of equipment for tour players and what is the newest trends within the tours ranks. Wall is able to get first looks into the newest of golf clubs and equipment, giving you an early leg up in your research and giving golfers the opportunity to know of clubs that may help their game. Recent interviews with Tiger, Tony Finau and having live updates from tour tournaments, Wall is an absolute must follow on social media,especially twitter at @jonathanrwall. A different approach to getting golf club reviews but effective in staying up to date that may impact your purchasing decision. 

Where do you go for your club and equipment news and recommendations? Remember to always reach out to us on social media here at Nextgengolf. Interested in our golf club reviews? Check out our list of the worst golf clubs ever made.

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