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Comparing amateur golf tournament options

By Kris Hart

Are you looking for amateur golf tournaments near you? Between charity events, state golf association individual stroke play tournaments, and local club events, there are many options out there for golfers looking to play in tournaments.

Although there are opportunities available, 5 years ago I struggled to find amateur golf tournaments that met my needs as a 28 year old avid golfer living in Boston. How could I bring back the good ole days of high school golf and college golf? Personally, I was looking to be part of a community, play with a partner, go on a few golf trips, experience some great golf courses, and most importantly I wanted to compete. More specifically, compete in tournaments where the odds weren’t stacked against me.

What were my options for amateur golf tournaments?

  • Net tournaments - I did not have a handicap nor did I want to spend $50 for one. To this day, I’ve never won a net golf tournament. How come there is a “sandbagger” at every golf tournament?

  • Stroke play state tournaments - Taking a day off of work to play in a qualifier to hopefully make an amateur tournament against some amazing players and take another 2-3 days off work was not in the cards. On top of that, I didn’t have the time to practice and my game was not in good enough shape to play in hardcore stroke play events.

Find Amateur Golf Tournaments Near You

  • Local club tournaments - As a young adult, I could not afford an expensive membership in the City of Boston, so club tournaments were out. I love playing in team 4-balls, but for me, I needed to be invited as a guest.

  • Regional / National events – Golf Channel Am Tour runs local events and qualifiers where players get points and can qualify for a season ending national championship.

  • 4 person scrambles - Charity tournaments are fun and it’s enjoyable going low at the local muni, but I hate losing to people who shoot 16 under par that can barely hit it 150 yards off the tee.

Comparing amateur golf tournaments

The Golf Channel Am Tour is a great concept and was the closest thing to what I was looking for. I also love 4-balls, but they are local and there aren’t enough of them out there. Although the Am Tour is awesome, it is individual competition.

In 2014, the team at Nextgengolf created the City Tour to not just meet my personal desires, but meet the needs of thousands of golfers across the US seeking team based golf for adults. Below highlights some info about the Golf Channel Am Tour as well as the Nextgengolf City Tour if you are looking for some awesome amateur golf tournaments in 2019. 

Compare Amateur Golf TournamentsEveryone’s needs, desires, and appetite changes depending on your location, skill level, competition needs, friendships, and budgets. Fast forward 5 years from when City Tour started, I play in state amateur stroke play events, charity tournaments, scrambles, local club tournaments and the Nextgengolf City Tour. Although I am biased, I hope you will consider joining us as part of the City Tour this spring. Golf is more fun as a team!!!

To learn more about the City Tour, visit - https://nextgengolf.org/city-tour/ or email me at kris@nextgengolf.org.

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