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Joining a golf league in Chicago

By Chris Noble

Joining a golf league provides the opportunity to make friends on the course, work on your game, and compete in a fun and friendly atmosphere. If you are looking to join a golf league in Chicago we thought it would be helpful to share some different league options based on some research in the Chicago area. If you are looking to join a golf league this summer as a way to get out on the course and enjoy a weekly game with new friends, below highlights some different options:

Harborside Golf Links - Harborside is a favorite for many in the Chicagoland area. With two 18 hole courses, well-manicured grounds, and views of the city skyline - the facility has a lot to boast! They have both a Men’s and Women’s 9 hole league that takes place on Thursday evenings at 5:30. The league costs $200 to join and a $50 weekly green fee. Learn more about this Chicago golf league

Nextgengolf Chicago City Tour – Nextgengolf offers team-based golf opportunities for adults 21+ in Chicago. There are 6-7 events that take place throughout the summer at different golf courses within 45 minutes of downtown. There are no membership fees, no handicaps needed and the tournaments are held at high end courses such as Cog Hill and Cantigny. All swings are welcome in the best ball or scramble formats. Learn more about the Chicago City Tour

City Tour golf league

Lake Bluff Golf Club - Live on the north side of Chicago? Look no further than Lake Bluff Golf Club. Lake Bluff Golf Club boasts a men’s and women’s league. The Men’s league meets on Wednesday evenings at 4:00 p.m and the ladies play on Thursday mornings at 6:30 - 9:00 AM. The league costs $200 to join and a $21 weekly green fee. Learn more about this north Chicago golf league

Sydney R. Maorvitz Golf Club - Live in the city? Sydney R. Maorvitz is a well-maintained 9 hole golf course right off of Lakeshore Drive. Views of Lake Michigan and the skyline await a golfer at every hole. The facility has leagues for every group and age range. What is very unique about the course is that there is even a league for my LGBTQ+ brothers and sisters who are looking to hit the links this year. The Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association hosts a LGBTQ+ golf league that plays in the summer months from June through September. 

Arrowhead Golf Links - If you live out in the west suburbs of Chicago, be sure to check out Arrowhead Golf Links. There are golf leagues for every member of the family, and one for families on Sunday nights that start at 3:00 p.m. Family league registration for the league costs $50 and $40 for residents and $45 for non-residents. Learn more about golf leagues at Arrowhead Golf Links

We hope the above information is helpful if you are looking for a golf league in Chicago. Below are a few other resources which may be helpful for you if you are a golfer in the Chicago area.

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