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Evaluating the best launch monitor for your game

By Matt Weinberger

There are a lot of options out there when it comes to finding your swing’s numbers.  As launch monitors become more and more popular, it’s become harder to understand how the products differentiate themselves.  Here are 3 ways to evaluate which brand and model works best for you.

1. Numbers and purpose - What outputs are you actually wanting and receiving from various devices?  Some launch monitors can tell you just the basic distance, swing speed, and launch angle while others can tell you every statistic known to man.  As you evaluate which numbers are meaningful for you, you should also consider your purpose. Are you looking to improve your own game or are you a PGA Professional using a monitor everyday for lessons.  

2. Cost - Purpose goes hand-in-hand with overall cost considerations.  Choosing a $20k+ TrackMan could be meaningful for a PGA Professional who teaches hundreds of lessons per year.  However, if you’re a golfer just looking to shoot in the 80s for the first time, investing that much money into a monitor probably isn’t the wisest move.  Let’s face it, we're not all Rory Mcilroy.

Mcilroy using launch monitor

3. Usage - If you are constantly on the move and want to have the flexibility of a portable range finder, it’s essential that you have a device that is portable and can fit in your bag. Rapsodo created an advanced mobile launch monitor that plugs right into your smartphone for easy transport. 

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