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4 Life Lessons from Living with a PGA Professional

By Nextgengolf

Rin Richardson, daughter of PGA Professional Patrick Richardson, has a different perspective on the game than most people her age. She has learned countless lessons from her parents in her lifetime, like how to write or how to drive, but these four are unique in nature.

1. Golf makes the world seem small. It seems that everywhere we go, my dad runs into someone he knows from golf. A memory I will never forget, we were at a concert in New Orleans and the woman sitting next to us used to work at the golf course where my dad was previously employed. I find this remarkable for several reasons, but most importantly, they both recognized each other like only a day had passed since their last meeting. I have traveled to places, that if it were not for golf, I would have never been. I have also made lifelong friendships through golf even at the age of 21. 

2. The details matter, especially in the pursuit of becoming an excellent PGA Professional. My dad is one of the most intentional people I know and I believe that is greatly attributed to being a PGA Professional. He always makes it a priority to speak to people, even if it is just for a minute. There are countless lessons that I have learned from living with a PGA Professional, but I think this might be the second best gift he has given me, after my golf clubs of course. May you and I learn to be a master of the small details so that we too can be intentional.

3. Appreciate how much work goes into every tournament behind the scenes. My dad used to run a widely acclaimed amatuer event. As a family, each July, my sister and I would run scorecards from the scoring area to the scoreboard as my mom would hand write, in calligraphy, all the names and scores. There is one part of the event that I looked forward to the most, on Monday afternoons, before the event, my dad and I would go and mark the hole locations for the tournament rounds. Spending this time with him always made me appreciate the fact that each tournament I play in, even today, requires these thankless moments in order for the event to run smoothly.


4. The rules of golf are a typical conversation point. I sometimes feel like I have the Rules of Golf book as a Dad. I think some of that knowledge has rubbed off on me because my college golf coach always knows to ask me the hard questions. Sometimes the questions will be simple, but more times than not they are complex rules situations that I sure hope I never get into. Lessons in the living room are just a normal part of the nightly routine. Oftentimes, as I am saying that I am headed to bed there is always one more swing tip that must be said. Maybe that is why I dream about golf!

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