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City Tour teams up with Gillette Deodorant

By Nextgengolf


The Nextgengolf City Tour is excited to welcome a new partner this year in Gillette Deodorant featuring their new Gillette Invisible Solid Deodorant! With its 72 hours of sweat protection, Gillette Deodorant helps golfers of all skill levels feel and play their best, including Gillette’s professional golf ambassadors, Max Homa and Will Zalatoris.

Gillette will also be a supporting sponsor of the City Tour Championship this year at Whistling Straits in September. They will host a kickoff party the Friday night before the tournament rounds, which will include product samples, cocktails, and custom onsite experiences and opportunities for championship participants.


In addition to activations at the championship and local tournaments, Gillette will be introducing a new event for participants to get a chance to join The 72 Club. During the City Tour tournaments, any pair that shoots 72 or better will be added to the running list of club members and be automatically entered into the end of season drawing for custom prizes. While the number 72 has significant meaning in golf, it also represents the hours of sweat protection delivered by Gillette’s new invisible solid deodorant. Given that golfers sweat and get run-down on the course, Gillette is there to keep them smelling and feeling fresh as they hit their next shot. Gillette Deodorant removes the distractions of odor on the course, allowing players to focus on hitting their peak performance.


We are looking forward to providing more information on what you can expect at City Tour tournament and their partnership with Gillette Deodorant! Welcome to the best smelling tour in golf!

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