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New Srixon Z785 driver is the real deal

By Connor Brown

Waiting for launches from your favorite club producer can be one of the most anticipated waiting periods for any golfer. When Srixon initially teased it’s new driver, I couldn't help but get excited for something that was promised to be a game changer for the brand. Seeing the feedback from tour players, golf forum communities, and ultimately the people that I trust most, Srixon ambassadors from Nextgengolf, I was sold on the idea that the new Z785 driver is the real deal.

Over the past few equipment cycles, we have seen technology shift to achieve higher ball speeds that will lead to more distance. The new Z785 is no exception with the two core technologies that really change the game for Srixon drivers. Employing the all new Ti51AF face has given Srixon engineers the ability to create a lighter, stronger and ultimately faster face. Paired with a new lightweight carbon crown, the Z785 has weight distributed further towards the perimeter of the club, promoting a more forgiving and accurate ball flight. After all, longer and straighter drives lead to more fairways and better scoring. 

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Adding on to the fact that Srixon is dedicated to the highest quality products on the market, the new Z785 comes complete stock with the Project X line of HZRDUS handmade shafts. Gone are the days of the a stock shaft option holding back your performance. Having the ability to choose from the HZRDUS Black, Red and Yellow shafts offer complete performance for every golfer choosing the Z785. For a pretty nominal upcharge, Srixon is offering a full line of “exotic” shaft option like the new Even Flow shaft from Project X. Having the ability to put into play some of the best shafts on the market is a huge bonus. 

Srixon ambassadors from Nextgengolf were recently given the ability to put the Z785 in their bag. The resounding fact is that this driver has changed the games of all these players. Jacob Weis, current Central Regional Coordinator and Missouri State club golf team president explained how this driver has changed his outlook of his game:

Ball Speed is the #1 Difference that I noticed compared to my M2. The new Z785 has unreal power when compressing the ball. Feel is unique. It’s much softer than other drivers on the market but yet has more ball speed than any other diver.”

Performance in a driver is crucial to seeing better scores. Justin Shelley, City Tour player and Srixon ambassador, provided his feedback on how his accuracy has really benefited from the perimeter weighting of the Z785:

“The biggest performance difference between my old driver and the Z785 is the accuracy. When I used the Z785, I saw a significant increase in my consistency hitting the fairway. My miss is usually to the right but with the Z785, I saw a straighter and more penetrating ball flight.”

Luke Stull, former president of the Michigan club golf team has found benefit in the shaft options. The ability for him to dial in his necessity for a very specific shaft and performance characteristics is going to lead him to better scores.

The access to premium shafts for non-premium prices is huge for making sure the driver fits your game the right way”

Dedicated to improving your game isn’t just a mantra that Srixon puts on their marketing materials. Having the product to match is when Srixon really walks the walk. Between the stock premium shaft options, the best materials possible, and a customer service team dedicated to ensuring that you have the best product in your hands, I can think of no better driver you should be playing.

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