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Club Golf Is Not Just for Guys

By Chelsea Sedlar

cam champ twitter (1)The game of golf gets a bad reputation in this day and age, and club golf is no different. The major complaint hurled at the sport is that it’s “the game of old, rich white men.” Many see golf as a game that’s too boring to watch and too frustrating to play. The women's club golf team at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill is not only challenging this narrative, but proving why they should be taken seriously after becoming the first all female team to compete at Nationals. 

Club president, Lydia Merck, has done a fantastic job of growing her club and empowering women to have a space in the sphere of golf! "My favorite part of being club president is seeing the team grow--not only with skills but with our relationships. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of girls; everyone is so involved and we all want each other to succeed." says Lydia. Her commitment to growing the team has doubled their club membership and led her to discovering a few stand out freshman that will make their mark on the NCCGA for the years to come. 


Ryann Breslin and Becca Connolly, standout freshman, had their chance to play varsity golf and chose their dream school instead. Both were surprised, yet extremely excited to find a family in the club golf team. "My favorite thing about the team is the opportunity to play competitively throughout college. I don’t have to give up a sport that I love just because I am not playing on the varsity team. I have also grown to really enjoy the players on the team. We have so much fun at tournaments and I’ve grown to love traveling and getting to know the players more." said Ryann.

Ryann says " I found out about the club golf team through a friend on the team that I grew up playing junior golf with. I have always enjoyed competitive golf and joined the team to continue this in college and to meet some cool friends along the way. I love getting to meet new people, both from UNC and other schools!" 

If you are thinking about playing club golf reach out to team@nccga.org today! 

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