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Club President Top 25 National Rankings

By Teddy Rettinger


Prefacing the inaugural Club President Poll:
Similar to the "Coaches Poll" in the NCAA, we have conducted the first ever Club Presidents Poll for the NCCGA. The CP Poll was created to bring more interaction between clubs, provide a crowdsourced ranking system and stir up some 'friendly' banter. The rankings are based on total program strength (so B teams strength are incorporated into the A teams in the poll). The Presidents who participate in the vote will submit a ballot either weekly or in strategic intervals based on the amount of tournaments on a given weekend.

The poll works exactly like the AP Poll in collegiate sports does; a weighted ranking scale that is then aggregated across all ballots to establish official rankings. The inaugural poll had 16 participants, including some of the top teams in the nation. To participate in the poll, email your ballot along with your name and school to teddy_rettinger@baylor.edu

Presidents Poll Top 25
1 ASU (16)
2 UF
5 Baylor
T6 Alabama
T6 Virginia Tech
8 Texas
9 Oregon
10 Villanova
11 Minnesota - Twin Cities
12 Georgia
13 Virginia
14 GAA - Dallas
15 Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
16 Liberty
17 Auburn
18 Michigan
19 Indiana
20 Mizzou
21 Wisconsin - Madison
22 Arkansas
23 Clemson
T24 Providence
T24 Oklahoma State

Others receiving votes:
Delaware (45) Illinois (34) Oklahoma (21) Pitt (18) Tulsa (18) Ohio State (15) Wisconsin - Stout (12) Boston College (10) South Carolina (10) New Hampshire (9) James Madison (8) Maryland (7) Michigan St (6) UCF (5) TCU (4) ACU (4) Yale (2) Texas Tech (1) Niagara (1) VMI (1)

Voter insight:

Teig Hauer (ASU)
Q: Why does ASU deserve a (unanimous) #1 in the poll?
A: Because we set scoring records last season and we still got better.

Garret Anderson (Nebraska)
Q: You have Minnesota higher than almost everyone else at #2, what was the reason for that?
A: Not only were they Co-National champions, but they played in nationals after playing 1 round in 6 weeks, beating teams that get to play year-round. We have some of the worst weather in the country in our region, and these guys continue to put up scores. Top to bottom, they’re loaded. I don’t know many teams that can have their top 2 guys have tough days and they still can shoot 375 or better. Definitely a group of guys that should get more national respect. [Grant Johnson (Maryland) has Minnesota at #2 also.]

Luke Stull (Michigan)
Q: What teams are not ranked properly?
A: Providence is over ranked by the computers by a mile. They can't compete on real courses and are from a state smaller than the thumb of Michigan. Beyond that, MSU and Pitt are both under ranked. They both are consistent performers every semester. MSU is hurt by a big-time competitor in their region (us) and a very solid zone. [Stull has Pitt at 8, MSU at 25, and Providence at 233 in his poll.]

Participanting Club Presidents: Baylor, ASU, Nebraska, Texas Tech, Niagara, Abilene Christian, Michigan, GAA – Dallas,
Creighton, UW – Stout, Virginia Tech, Alabama, Liberty, Maryland, GCU, Indiana

Any suggestions or questions can be sent to teddy_rettinger@baylor.edu or DM @canesfan369 on twitter.

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