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Fall 2019: October Power Rankings

By Oliver Mauk

1. Michigan - They rank 2nd in the nation in stroke differential and have already won a regional tournament over state rival Michigan State. They have proved that they are the team to beat in the Midwest region and are likely headed back to Nationals!

2. Virginia - They came out and absolutely dominated in their first event of the year in another tough region. They need to keep on the gas though with another tournament coming up and JMU and Virginia Tech both playing well. 

3. Grand Canyon - They never seem to find themselves too far from the top. Arizona State is getting closer and closer to taking down the Lopes in a regional, but until they do it Grand Canyon will remain the Desert favorite. 

4. Providence - Continuing solid play after a great spring season, the Friars aren't even putting up a fair fight in the New England region. Another Nationals appearance seems just around the corner for Providence.

5. Michigan State - The only thing holding the Spartans back is their state rival. If they can find a way to beat the Wolverines before season's end, they will have a real shot at a National Championship. 

6. Oklahoma State - You have to like this team's chances this year, with the National Championship taking place in their backyard at WinStar World Casino & Resort. If they come in with a bit of momentum they will be a team to beat. 

7. Arizona State - The B team actually beat the A team last week, so a little reshuffling of the lineup could potentially end the streak of losses to GCU. Either way, this will be another team to beat at Nationals, playing in familiar weather and environment. 

8. North Carolina - In a region with Elon, UNCW, High Point, and NC State, the Tar Heels found away to pull ahead of the pack as the best team in North Carolina. 

9. Wisconsin - They have owned the North region and this season feels like more of the same. With their A,B, and C teams getting the top 3 spots in the last tournament, it's hard to see them losing a regional this semester. 

10. Georgia - Although they don't look quite as solid as past seasons, Georgia is always a factor at every regional and at every National Championship. That fact hasn't changed and they return as a top ten team again this year. 

11. James Madison - They have played some really good golf and have aspirations of beating Virginia and making it back to the National Championship. Expect a fun battle for 1st place in the Colonial region the rest of the season. 

12. Florida - The preseason number one hasn't done anything wrong to move down on the list, other teams have just played better and proved more. Another solid tournament by Florida would give them a return trip to Nationals. 

13. Notre Dame - The heavy favorite in the Indiana region even with the departure of last semester's Red Jacket winner Andrew Stineman. They'd love to turn a runner up performance in the spring to a victory in the fall!

14. Virginia Tech - Coming off many semesters of qualifying for Nationals, Virginia Tech looks to qualify yet again. Virginia is in front of them however and the Hokies will have to play well down the stretch.

15. Iowa - Conrad Hoover has put his team in a great spot for another Nationals appearance in Oklahoma. Between Nebraska, Iowa and Iowa State it will be fun finish to the region's season. 

16. Elon - In a very talented region in North Carolina, Elon will look to separate themselves with stellar play in the next regional. Elon will have to take down UNC and UNCW to get there however.

17. Alabama - Always a tough team to beat in the South region, the Crimson Tide are still looking for their first NCCGA National Championship. 

18. Cincinnati - The Bearcats have won two straight tournaments in the Ohio Valley region. They had to grind until the end for both victories showing that they know how to finish, proving that they're much better than their National Ranking would suggest. 

19. Nebraska - This team gets better and better every semester as they've done a great job promoting the club and recruiting new players over the past few years. They look like they are finally ready to be a real Championship contender.

20. North Carolina State - A ton of talent and a competitive region has helped NC State get noticed this semester. A victory in their region would skyrocket them towards the top of the rankings. 

21. Colorado - They were able to barely beat Colorado State in their season opener, but tides could be changing in the Mountain region with a new team claiming victory.

22. Colorado State - They narrowly lost their first tournament, so have much to prove. They are able to prove yearly that they are a solid team but haven't been able to make the next step. 

23. Texas A&M - They have yet to win this season, but seem to be the most consistent team in the region. A victory in the region's final tournament would go a long way. 

24. Miami (OH) - They seem to hover between a Championship and an Invitational team each semester. Can they take the next step and beat Cincy to get an invite to WinStar?

25. Grand Valley State - A surprise team of the season, Grand Valley has played well in their appearances and shown that they can keep up with the best. It will be a tough fight for a Nationals bid though with Michigan and MSU in the region. 

Also receiving votes: Ohio State, Baylor, Georgetown, Arkansas, Maryland, East Carolina

Note: Teams who have yet to play were not considered for this poll. 

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