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Florida Gator Prepared for New Role at NCCGA

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My name is Brandon Harrold and I am the new president of the NCCGA. I am very passionate about the #clubgolf movement and the impact it has on its golfers. As the president for 2015, I will act as the voice of the 10,000+ college golfers around the nation. I will listen to your opinions, comments, and concerns in hopes to make a better all-around experience for you. In addition to this, I will be working with our student leader team and twenty-eight regional coordinators to ensure a successful season.

I originally got involved with the NCCGA when I helped to co-found the University of Florida Club Golf team in 2014. Since then, I have remained active with the club as the President of the team. As Head of Recruitment, I will actively seek-out college golfers at various schools around the nation, helping them to start new club golf teams. My experiences and understanding of the club president role will allow me to efficiently implement easier and simpler methods of day-to-day activities.

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I am a junior at the University of Florida, majoring in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. Before college, I competed on my high school golf team and in tournaments across the state of Florida. Outside of golf, I enjoy, lifting weights, skeet shooting, water sports and playing intramural football.

During my term as President I want to increase the number of club golf teams around the nation, provide a better experience for each college golfer and continue developing all facets of this remarkable organization.

**Brandon Harrold is the 2015 NCCGA President. Please reach out to him at president@nccga.org or tweet at him @nccgapresident. He looks forward to making this a great year and meeting some of you at Nationals this Spring in North Carolina.

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