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GolfBuddy makes the Nextgengolf community more accurate in 2017

By Nextgengolf


Our long standing partner GolfBuddy has always been extremely supportive of our players. This year was no different, not only do all Nextgengolf community members receive discounts on rangefinders, GolfBuddy also worked with us to support our leaders and other select players to receive the new LR7 Rangefinder. Below are just a few Nextgengolfers that got hooked up by GolfBuddy this season.  

The NCCGA Regional Coordinators are pivotal in the success of our tournaments every year. For those unaware of the term/title "Regional Coordinators",  they are the NCCGA student at each regional level that is responsible for running tournaments. Seemingly a small task to some that have not run tournaments before but our RCs work very hard and are a driving force of what makes the NCCGA great. 

As part of our appreciation for Regional Coordinators this semester, we worked GolfBuddy to supply each of these students across the country with the LR7 Rangefinder. Needless to say each of them were extremely happy with this generous gift. 

Screenshot 2017-12-18 at 5.28.49 AM.png

GolfBuddy also pitched in to help us with a social media campaign earlier this semester. Dylan Day of Oregon was selected as our winner and received an LR7 in the mail just a few days later. He took to social to share his delight:

golfbuddy lr7 rangefinder.png


We're extremely grateful for the support GolfBuddy has given the Nextgengolf community in 2017.  The examples given in this article are just a snippit of how they've help our players this year. Accuracy certainly matters to our golfers!

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