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Spring 2020 preseason rankings

By Oliver Mauk

The Spring 2020 NCCGA season begins next weekend. For those of you that haven't played in the spring before, the season is pretty condensed and happens fast, Nationals in Atlantic City will be here before you know it! We start with 3 tournaments March 7th & 8th and go from there. 

The NCCGA Student Ambassadors have put together the preseason rankings. Clemson, after winning two straight National Championships, takes the #1 spot unanimously, followed closely by high powered teams Michigan and Virginia. See the full top 25 below. 

Preseason Top 25

1. Clemson University - Southeast

2. University of Michigan - Midwest

3. University of Virginia - Colonial

4. University of Florida - Florida

5. Providence College - New England

6. University of North Carolina - North Carolina

7. Michigan State University - Midwest

8. University of Wisconsin - North

9. Colorado State University  - Mountain

10. University of Colorado - Mountain

11. University of Texas - Texas

12. University of California - Pacific

13. James Madison University - Colonial

14. University of South Carolina - Southeast

15. Oklahoma State University- Ozark

16. University of Notre Dame - Indiana

17. Texas A&M University - Texas

18. Grand Canyon University - Desert

19. Grand Valley State University - Midwest

20. University of Georgia - South

21. University of Iowa - Twin Cities

22. Virginia Tech - Colonial

23. University of Nebraska - Twin Cities

24. Robert Morris University - Atlantic

25. Miami University (OH) - Ohio Valley

Clemson National Champs

The Colonial and Southeast regions look to be the strongest, each with 3 teams cracking the top 25.  Grand Canyon dropped significantly since last semester's preseason rankings, but they have a deep lineup of players and have the ability to compete for a championship if things go well. Another team to keep an eye on is Providence. They've been in and around the top 5 for a few semesters now and always seem to be in contention at the championship. 


Rankings will be updated weekly once tournaments have been completed, so be sure to check out the updated team and player rankings each week. We will also release mid-season power rankings in early April to update everyone headed into the final stretch of the season. Can't wait to see you all out on the course soon! 

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