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5 ways to get deals on tee times

By Kris Hart

Even though golf seems like an expensive sport, the average cost of a tee time in the US is under $40 per round according to a study by WeAreGolf. Since many young adults in the Nextgengolf community ask us how to save money on a tee time, we thought this article would be helpful to read for any golfer on a budget.

1) Association Memberships – If you become a member of your local state golf association, sometimes a member benefit includes deals on team times. Joining your state golf association will give you an active handicap, the ability to play in local competition, and many other benefits.

2) Coupon books – Although a coupon book sounds like something of the past, PGA Sections, local golf course owner's associations, and state golf associations offer coupon books. Each coupon book is different and offers will vary, but these types of discounts will give golfers an option to play a variety of golf courses in their local area. Below is an example of an offer you might find in a coupon book. 

Nextgengolf golf coupon example
3) Email offers – Many golf courses offer email incentives to play their golf course. If you really enjoy a few golf courses in your community, you should sign-up for their email incentives which will often provide deals on tee times.

4) Tee time booking platforms – There are many tee time booking platforms such as GolfNow, TeeOff, and GolfBook. Each of these platforms has specific golf courses and areas of the country to find available tee times.

5) Daily deal websites – Companies like Groupon offer daily deals on everything from restaurants, massages, and tee times. There are usually only a couple golf course deals on Groupon, but who knows, you might be able to pick-up a foursome at a great golf course at a good price. There are usually many restrictions for using daily deals at golf courses so be careful to read the fine print.

Hope this article helps you to save a few bucks on golf and play more rounds as a result!

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