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Chipping Tips: Drag a Wet Towel to Emphasize Following Through

By Travis Richardson

A popular golf expression is "Drive for Show, Putt for Dough". It's used quite often to show that while the longest hitters might get the most attention, the golfers with the best putter tend to win more (and on the PGA Tour, that means more money). It's intended to show just how important the short game is to your overall golf game. After all, bombing a drive 400 yards means nothing if you land off the green and struggle getting it the rest of the way in the hole.

As you might have seen, Nextgengolf has recently partnered with Golf Channel Academy to help bring lessons and education to members of our community! One of those ways is by featuring golf tips on a regular basis from Academy instructors.

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Today's golf tip is focusing on chipping, and is provided by Martin Hall, the Director of Instruction at Ibis Golf Academy in Florida, as well as the host of Golf Channel's "School of Golf" weekly series. Here Hall demonstrates how a wet towel can help you with your chipping.



Want more chipping tips, or ready to move on to other parts of your game? Check out the Golf Channel Academy video section, or find a coach near you and schedule an assessment!

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