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How to get tickets for The Masters

By Connor Brown

The Masters Tournament signals a change in the golf world every spring. Not only is it the first major of the year, it's the beacon of better things to come. For many of us cold weather golfers, The Masters is the first glimpse of green grass, the bright azaleas and the towering pines that we have all come to know. If you are lucky enough to ever attend the tournament and go to Augusta National, here are a few ways you can realistically get tickets.

1) The Masters Tournament ticket lottery

The “easiest” way of obtaining tickets to the Masters is by entering into the Augusta National ticket lottery. This process which cuts off applications on June 1st is a lottery based system which randomly selects patrons to be eligible to purchase ground passes for specific tournament rounds. The first round of selections is for tournament rounds. Once these tickets are selected and sold, Augusta National will then move on to award practice round tickets. I myself have been waiting for about 5 years to try and get tickets through the lottery. May the odds be ever in your favor!

2) Buying on the open market

Perhaps the easiest way to obtain tickets to the Masters is buying on the secondary market. With ease of access however, it will certainly come at a premium. Tickets second hand to The Masters will on average run higher than super bowl tickets. Looking at several sites currently you would be looking at around 2 to 4 thousand dollars for tickets for a single day pass and up to 10 thousand for a week badge. Be aware that not everyone on the internet is genuine and there are plenty of fake tickets out there. You can also take a look into scalping tickets closer to Augusta but per local ordinance purchasing of tickets is unlawful within 2700 feet of the club. Buyer beware!

Masters Sergio Garcia

(Image credit: VOA News)

3) Become a PGA Professional

Maybe not the easiest way to obtain a ticket but certainly can be the simplest once you are in fact a member of the PGA. If passing the PAT test, paying PGA dues and completing the entire PGA process isn’t your thing don’t worry, there are still other ways of getting to Augusta. If you do happen to be a PGA Professional you can simply request a ticket for personal use only. If there is one thing you do not want to do is be on the bad side of Augusta National and sell your PGA ticket or give it away to a friends.

Obtaining tickets to golf's biggest event of the year is tough. If you do get the chance to attend. the drinks, pimento cheese sandwiches and the outrageously fair prices for concessions will leave a lasting smile on your face and prompt you to immediately get back in the ticket lottery or save up for next year.

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