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How to protect your golf clubs

By Kris Hart

Protect your golf clubs when traveling

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If you are an avid golfer, protecting your golf clubs from damage, loss or even theft is something to plan for. Over the last 20 years, I have been relatively lucky to have only one incident where my clubs were damaged while traveling and a second incident where items were stolen out of my bag. To help protect your clubs and golf equipment you’ll find my tips below.

  • Get a good case – Having a good travel case for your clubs is crucial to protect your golf clubs when you’re on the road. Although a “hard case” provides the most protection, these cases are very difficult to travel with since they are heavy and do not fit well into car trunks. The best travel cases will keep your clubs’ snug in a soft case and provide a lot of padding for the clubs. Check out 1withgolf and Club Glove, which provide great options for a travel case.
  • Buy insurance for your golf clubs – Although insurance may not come to mind when you’re heading out on the course, it can improve your game by reducing stress and adding peace-of-mind. Purchasing insurance for your golf clubs and equipment is much cheaper than you may think. Nextgengolf is sponsored by Traverse, a company which specializes in protecting the things you love such as cameras, phones, golf clubs, and bikes. Learn more about protecting your golf clubs for as low as $2 per month.
  • Ship your clubs – If you are traveling to play away from home and are not comfortable with the airlines loading your clubs in and out of a plane, stressed about signing the luggage tag which says the airline is not responsible for damage, and do not want to wait at the baggage claim for your golf clubs, then shipping your clubs might be the best option. Check out well known companies like Ship Sticks or just use UPS or Fedex directly.

Intech Travel Golf Cover

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  • Remove your valuables – Your golf bag contains pricy equipment. I was targeted during one of my golf trips, when my rangefinder was stolen right out of my bag. I had to purchase a new one to replace my stolen rangefinder. Luckily, it hurt my wallet a little less since Nextgengolf has a partnership with Precision Pro where we get a great discount on golf rangefinders. Remember, if you are traveling by air, security restrictions will not allow you to lock your bag, so plan ahead by removing valuable equipment and consider further protecting important items with golf club and equipment insurance from companies like Traverse.
  • Add Bag Accessories – Items such as a travel bag support rod can really help you protect your golf clubs while traveling. I often will wrap towels around my woods and put my shoes up near the club heads for extra protection if you do not want to buy an accessory.

I hope the above information is helpful to anyone looking to protect their golf clubs. Have other advice or tips? Tweet to @nextgolfer 

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