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How to get to a Golf Course without owning a Car

By Matthew Thompson

Photo Credit by Alan P. Pittman

Living without a car didn't seem like a reality to me. Born and raised in rural New Jersey, cars were the only way you could get around. Everything was so spaced out, public transportation was limited, and taxis were a rare sight. So when I began planning the move to Boston, doing so without a car was a radical new idea. I quickly found out that not only is it possible, but I was far from alone. A large number of people function without a car, relying on the city's public transportation system. Golfing without a car was another story though.

The largest challenge is that there are no golf courses easily accessible via the metro, with most being several miles away from the nearest stop. Lugging clubs on the subway or the bus, then another couple miles, all in the summer heat? It's a tall order, and you can pretty much kiss your entire day goodbye. As someone who loves to get out to golf, but had car struggles, I compiled this list of on how to get to a golf course without owning a car. 

1. Find a friend with a Car

The Best Cars for Golfers | Golf Advisor

Photo by Golf Advisor

Probably the easiest thing to do when thinking about how to get to a golf course without owning a car is phoning a friend. Set up a time and day that works for both of you and now you have a ride and a partner on the golf course. Throwing your friend a few bucks for gas or buying them a couple beers at the course should help incentivize them to bring you along. But what if I am new to a city and do not have friends yet? 

2. Uber

Uber logo


Uber is a go-to when it comes to ride-sharing. With its comfort and easy to use app, you can be at the golf course in no time. Set up your profile and away you go. 


Live in the city and want to play in golf tournaments, but need a partner and a ride? Sign up for the Nextgengolf City Tour as a free agent and we will pair you up!

3. Lyft

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Lyft is the direct competitor to Uber. They have many of the same offerings and both have a great reputation. I like to check both Uber and Lyft prior to settling on one as I predominately try to find the cheaper option.

4. Curb

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Formerly Verifone Taxi Systems, Curb is a fast-paced, entrepreneurial company with deep roots in the taxi and for-hire industry. Curb Mobility provides products for mobile app solutions, effortless payment, para-transit, business travel, and advertising that reaches captive audiences of millions.

5. Flywheel

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Like Curb, Flywheel works with hundreds of professional taxi drivers in your city. With a tap you will hail the closest driver, regardless of taxi company. Because Flywheel only works with local taxis so they will always know the fastest and safest way to reach your destination. Its services are based mainly in San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale, Houston and Washington D.C.

Hope you enjoyed these tips on how to get to the golf course without owning a car.

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