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Coolest Custom Wedges

By Connor Brown

Do you ever get jealous when looking at whats in the bag for tour pros and seeing their custom stamped wedges and personalized artwork on their clubs? I look at those and dream of having my own identity and style come out through my wedges and clubs. There are plenty of options for custom wedges and cool designs but here are a few of the coolest custom wedges I've seen.

4) Ben Franklin Cleveland RTX

Everyone has their money number for a wedge. For some it’s 100 yards, 115 or maybe a 60 yard spinner that checks right up. Whatever your number is, everyone agrees that the number 100 with a dollar sign before it is one of the best. Cleveland Golf not only has one of the best wedges on the market, including the new RTX Zipcore wedge (launching 8.14.20) but they offer an insane amount of customization to their stock wedges to boot. The Ben Franklin wedge is easily one of the coolest custom wedges and ways add style and a little flare to your bag. 

ben franklin money custom golf wedge

3) Lanto Griffin “With all due respect” 

Quotable movies years and years after release are always a good sign of a memorable movie and things that live way past their shelf life. Talladega nights is certainly one of those movies and has some of the best quotes including the Ricky Bobby “With all due respect” line. Lanto Griffin on the PGA Tour made great use of stamping to include some classics from the Will Ferrell comedy. 

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2)  Robert Streb TPC Sawgrass wedge

One of the most intimidating shots in golf has to be the 17th at TPC Sawgrass. Watching the players hit shots that normally would not be so hard sans the water all around makes us amateur players chuckle. Robert Streb back in 2015 took an artistic approach with his wedge and had the 17th painted on the back of his wedge. This is one of the coolest custom wedges I'v seen done by someone on their own. Although not everyone has this ability like the guys on tour, I am sure some paint and some artistic know how can make your DIY project pretty cool.


1)The Golf Garage 

If you are looking for truly custom wedges, The Golf Garage should be your first and only call you make. They are able to do a tremendous breath of work including refinishing, stamping and fully customizing your favorite clubs. The work that these guys do is not only top notch but at a price everyone can get behind for the quality of work they do. My personal favorites are the carbon fiber look and the 2019 City Champ Pinehurst wedges seen below. Check these guys out!

Custom golf wedges


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