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A Daily Golf Workout Plan to Improve Strength and Power

By Cooper Anibal

Taking lessons from a PGA Professional along with playing often, are two great ways to help improve your golf game. However, if you are really looking to take your game to the next level, adding in a golf workout plan is necessary. Paired with good technique, some performance on the course can be attributed to your fitness and physical capabilities. The most important aspect in training for golf is to understand your goal and how you are going to achieve it. Is your goal to hit the ball farther or improve your endurance on the back nine? Either way, if you are disciplined and workout with your goal in mind you should see improvements on the course.

With Bryson hitting 300+ yard drives, strength and power are the hottest topics in golf fitness currently. If you are a beginner to golf fitness or golf workouts, below showcases a three day split golf workout plan and exercises that will help you get stronger and more powerful. There are also core strength exercises mixed in to help with balance and body control.

Golf Workout Routine
To achieve a strength and power goal, the above exercises should be done for 6 to 8 weeks allowing for one day of recovery in between each day. The reason that most of the exercises are 4 sets with 8-12 reps is because this workout is designed to be done in the offseason to get stronger. It is important to keep the rep range above 8 because this will help to prevent you from getting bulky. The last thing you want is to become muscle bound and lose range of motion. Proper stretching should be done before and after each workout. On top of that, mixing in mobility exercises on the off days will help you stay mobile and flexible. 

If you are unclear on how to do any exercises above, use YouTube to find video examples of how to do them along with proper form. Adjust your weight accordingly based on the exercise to make sure that you can get at least 8 reps in. Do not worry about how much weight you are lifting rather than making sure that you are using proper form and the right amount of reps.



For more information about how to get the most out of your golf workout, this resource from Fairway Approach should add some additional information on top of what has been mentioned. Enjoy!

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