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How to Putt Like the Pros: Do the "Around the World" Drill

By Kris Hart

The 3-4 foot putt is the most common putt golfers face when playing a round of golf, and sometimes the most difficult. Many players, when over a short putt, think, “I really have to make it! It’s only a few feet. I can’t miss it.” There is no confidence.

Whether it is saving a par putt after a nice chip or making a birdie to win the match, consistently making these knee knockers is how you shoot low scores. It is a part of the game often neglected by players--how much time do you spend on the putting green before a round compared to the range? Making these putts, however, is just as much mental as it is mechanical. You have to be confident over the putt. The “Around the World” putting drill will make these kinds of putts automatic by giving you the confidence and the stroke you need to make them. All you need is 10 tees and a practice green.

Do The Drill!

  • Pick a flat hole on the putting green and make an even circle around the hole with the 10 tees. Each tee should be about 3-4 feet outside the hole.
  • The object of the drill is to make 10 putts in a row, one from each tee.
  • If you miss a putt, you have to go back to the first tee you started at and try again.
  • Simple right? Try it. You’ll be surprised how many times you miss on the 9th or 10th tee.
  • Too easy? Once you make the 10 putts, up the difficulty level; not all the short putts you face in a round are going to be flat. Choose a hole with some break in the putt and set up another circle of tees. Now, instead of facing 10 flat putts, you are facing 10 sliders. Trust your lines and make 10 in a row.

Personally, this is my absolute favorite drill do to because I have seen real results in my golf game. Besides the physical practice of putting, completing the drill gives you huge confidence in your putting game, which is priceless. The Pros make these putts inside 4 feet over 90% of the time. Tiger Woods, for example, has a make percentage of 97% inside 5 feet, and he’s only ranked 31st on Tour. Practice this drill and putt like the Pros.

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