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Indoor Golf: 5 Places to Play Around Austin

By Kris Hart

If you want to enjoy some beers while getting some swings in, if the weather isn't cooperating, or you just don't feel like heading to the course it's nice to have the option to play some indoor golf around the greater Austin area.  Below are a few of the best places to get some swings in.


1) ROK Golf

ROK Golf enables all to train, practice and play with the most advanced technology in golf under the guidance of a professional team helping along the way.  Promoting community, competition and advancing the game of golf, ROK Golf's unique model eliminates the barriers restricting modern golfers; time, budget, schedule, weather and accessibility.

2) Golfinity

Golfinity is an all-ages golf instruction and practice facility. They offer expert coaching from PGA-certified instructors and utilize a club-focused teaching method that is proven to make golf improvement easier for every skill level. Golfinity utilizes the world's best launch monitor and simulator technology to ensure that each player is maximizing their potential.  

3) GolfTEC Austin

GolfTec is primarily known for golf lessons, but they also have the opportunity for golfers to get fit and play and practice indoors. If you are looking to improve your game and get in some swings during the off-season or when the weather is poor, you can check out GolfTec which has 2 different locations in the Austin area. GolfTec provides you with access to advanced golf training technology including motion measurement and video analysis. GolfTec also has a pretty neat tool called the Clubhouse which offers an online tool for accessing all your golf lessons, Coach notes and instruction, suggested drills as well as the ability to schedule future lessons and practice.

4) Topgolf Austin

Topgolf double bay

Ok so this is not technically "indoor" but Topgolf gives its visitors one of the best golf experiences available. Sit and enjoy some food and drinks while in the comfort of your covered, heated hitting bays. If you're a serious golfer, this is a great spot to go on those rainy or overly hot days. 

5) Elite Golf Performance Training Center

Elite Golf Performance provides a combination of total golf performance in all aspects of the game check out our programs. They offer Golf Lessons, Golf Schools3d Motion AnalysisMental Game and Golf Fitness so golfers can play the best golf of their life pain free and long term. Elite Golf Performance takes a very complex, complicated and challenging game for most golfers and turns it into a very simple, effective and easy learning process through great communication and knowledge. Elite Golf Performance has coached winners on the PGA Tour, Champions Tour, LPGA Tour, Web.com Tour and Hooters Tour. Elite Golf Performance has a long successful history of more than 27 years in the business of helping golfers of all physical and personality types. 


Hope the above information helps you if you are an Austin area golfer looking to play indoor golf in Austin. If you are looking to play outdoors, check out our amateur tournaments in the Austin area.

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