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Indoor Golf: 5 Places to Play Around Central Florida

By Ben Tyler

There are times where getting outside to play golf just isn't viable. Below are five options for indoor golf near the city and a few comments about each facility. Please note, we have not been to all of these facilities, but are doing our analysis based on the facilities online presence.

Central Florida City Tour

1) Leadbetter Golf Academy

Golf is a complicated game with a lot of moving parts. Getting it right is hard. Getting it right consistently is even harder. But when it does all connect, even just once, it’s magical. It keeps you coming back to the game time and time again. It’s a connection not just between club and ball, but between mind and body, friend and stranger, camaraderie and competition. It’s a connection with a sport that’s shared all over the world. One that can last a lifetime, one we feel quite passionately about, and one they hope to foster in every player they meet.

2) Drive Shack

It's simple. Drive Shack is bringing a fresh alternative to the day and nightlife scenes with more than just a place to go, but a place to be yourself and enjoy yourself. So, they leave their doors open, prepare their team, and welcome you to a morning, noon, or night of bad swings, good drinks, and great times.

3) Topgolf Orlando

Welcome to Topgolf – the premier entertainment destination in Orlando. And by entertainment destination, they are talking about a place where you can come for birthday parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties, corporate events, date nights, or just a night out with friends, and everyone will have a great time. No matter the occasion or who you share it with, they believe that every great time starts with play, is fueled by food and drinks, moved by music and all made possible through community.

4) GolfTEC Orlando

Welcome to GolfTEC. At their state-of-the-art Training Center, you’ll find all the tools you need to help you improve your golf game. Their Certified Personal Coaches have years of instructional experience and they all use the latest golf technology to help players of any age or skill level reach their goals. Whether you’re looking to win your club championship, or you’re just getting started with the game, golf lessons with GolfTEC are the perfect solution for you.

5) Club Champion 

Club Champion fittings are data-driven, and they collect that data using the best technology available in the golf industry. From full-swing analysis with TrackMan Pro to putter stroke measurement with SAM PuttLab, they are able to paint an accurate picture of your current golf equipment's performance against the thousands of options available in their stores. Their tech-focused philosophy even extends to the build shop, with SST PURE Shaft Alignment along with perfectly calibrated swing weight machines and loft and lie machines that match those in their stores.


If you are itching to get out to golf as much as we are, I thought the above indoor golf resources would be helpful to you. If you're looking for Central Florida golf tournaments, the City Tour runs amateur tournaments throughout the season. 

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