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Joining a golf league in Pittsburgh

By Kris Hart

Joining a golf league provides the opportunity to make friends on the course, work on your game, and compete in a fun and friendly atmosphere. If you are looking to join a golf league in Pittsburgh we thought it would be helpful to share some different league options based on some research in the city of Pittsburgh. If you are looking to join a golf league this summer as a way to get out on the course and enjoy a weekly game with old and new friends, below highlights 5 different options:

Lindenwood Golf Club – Lindenwood is a public facility which offers all types of golf leagues throughout the week on Monday-Friday. If you are looking to join a men’s league, women’s league, couples league, or even a business networking league, the Lindenwood provides options for any and all types of players. On their website it lists 49 different golf leagues. That is not a typo – 49 leagues! Many of the leagues are accepting new members, but some are not. Each of the golf leagues here have different rules and regulations so you can learn more about joining and all the details about costs and memberships here.

Butlers Golf Course –  This golf course is located just southeast of the City of Pittsburgh and hosts a varsity of golf leagues each year. I can attest that Butlers certainly has the most unique names for their golf leagues. Whether you want to join the Benzol Boilers, Ladies w/ Balls, Preferred Liars, Whacky Whiffers, or the Ball Busters, there is a league for everyone. All of the leagues at Butlers operate Monday through Friday and each of the leagues has a specific block of time which may rotate throughout the weeks. Learn more about the Butlers Golf Course Leagues.

City Tour Pic

Nextgengolf Pittsburgh City Tour – Nextgengolf offers team-based golf opportunities for adults 21+ in Pittsburgh. There are monthly events that take place throughout the summer at different golf courses within 45 minutes of Pittsburgh. There are no membership fees, no handicaps needed and the tournaments are held at high end courses such as Olde Stonewall and Nemacolin Woodlands. All swings are welcome in the best ball or scramble formats. Even though you are playing in a local league, this golf series is National so you are ranked against others cities around the country and can qualify for the City Tour Championship at Kiawah Island Golf Resort at the end of the season. Learn more about this Pittsburgh Golf League.

Moon Golf Club – This golf course is located just west of the City of Pittsburgh and near the airport. Moon host’s golf leagues in Pittsburgh Monday through Friday from the tee times of 2:56-6:32. There are many different leagues that play here, but judging by the names, it seems like they have some smaller leagues with groups of friends or people who work together. It’s unclear whether each league is open, but the Moon website has a form which you can fill out if you are interested in joining a golf league at the course. Learn more about the Moon Golf Leagues.

Mt. Lebanon Golf Course – This golf course is conveniently located just south of City Center in Pittsburgh and is a 9-hole facility which is shorter and perfect for a quick league round. At the course, there are leagues for men, women and juniors. Most of the leagues and golf associations here cater for people who are 55 years of age and up. League fees are $15-25 to join. Here is some more about the golf leagues at Mount Lebanon and information about how to join the leagues.

We hope the above information is helpful if you are looking for a golf league in Pittsburgh. Below are a few other resources which may be helpful for you if you are a golfer in the Pittburgh area. 

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