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The Top 5 Best golf pranks

By Kris Hart

On April fool’s day, we thought it would be fun to share some of the best golf pranks on the course. We can all use a few laughs at any time on the course given golf is such a frustrating game. If you have a good prank or video to share, please send us a direct message to the Nextgengolf Instagram. Enjoy the top 5 best golf pranks!

The Fake Snake
– This one is a classic golf prank. Even though it’s always the same, people getting scared by fake snakes on the golf course never gets old. There is an awesome Instagram account called Sir Hissalot which exclusively showcases fake snake videos. Below is a funny fake snake golf prank from my personal collection. If you need to buy a fake snake, you can find some good ones on amazon.


The Golf Course Airhorn – This golf prank was made famous in the 2002 Jackass movie. Although this prank is hilarious, it is not really something most people can replicate on the course since it requires an airhorn and hiding in the woods. Even though this prank seems a little childish, the reactions from golfers and how pissed they getting hitting one bad shot is priceless….There are a lot of great golf course airhorn pranks on youtube. Here is one of the best from Jackass.

The Giant Dime – This golf prank is especially fun when you are in an intense, competitive match with someone who is taking the game way too serious. Before the round, make sure you pull out the giant coin and put it in your back left pocket because you never know when you are going to need it. At whatever point during the 18 hole match, things get tense and you have about a 2 footer left and the serious guy does not give it to you, drop the giant coin right in his line and walk away acting like nothing happened. You will be asked to move your coin and the serious Sam who is putting will be flustered and miss the big putt. It works every time!

Golf Prank Giant Dime Trick

The Exploding Golf Ball – This golf prank is pretty tough to pull off since the exploding balls do not look very much like real golf balls. If you are going to pull off this golf prank, it is best to do it on someone who is a novice golfer or someone who has had a few drinks so they do not realize that you have replaced their real golf ball with a fake one. The below golf prank from Paige Renee has the crowd at the American Century Championship fooled back in 2017.

Moving the Tee Markers – If you are playing a friendly round with a few groups, moving the tee markers for the group behind you might get people very confused and could cause some funny shots into the woods. The key to this golf prank is to not say anything and then after the round when you are having a few beers you can say to the group, “wow, how about that tee shot on the 14th hole. The grounds crew must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed."

Golf Prank Moving the Tee Markers

Hope you enjoyed the above article about our top 5 golf pranks. If you have any good golf pranks, videos or stories to share, please DM them to us @nextgengolfclub.

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