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Indoor Golf: 5 Places to Play Around Dallas

By Kris Hart

Texas is a great state for golf given you can pretty much play golf nearly every day of the year. There are times when the weather gets cold or in the rainy season when playing golf outdoors is not a reality. For those times when you need a place to play indoor golf or practice the game, we build the below list of the best indoor golf facilities in Dallas.



1) City Golf Club 

The City Golf Club is a membership-based indoor golf facility which offers a quality, elegant, and higher end indoor golf experience in Dallas. This facility is located just north of the city center and offer two TrackMan bays with video and swing analysis. The simulators provide 25 different courses to play and practice and has proprietary virtual lesson technology available. This facility is a great place to relax, network, learn the game, or get your game in good order for the course. The facility has a number of different membership options, but also allows the public to book bay times, golf lessons and can be a great place to host a private indoor golf event.

2) Topgolf Dallas

Topgolf double bay

Topgolf is a fun golf entertainment facility good for any golfer. With hundreds of hitting bays, balls which are tracked, and the ability to be open 365 days a year with covered, heated bays, Topgolf is the best place to play indoor golf in Dallas. Although we highlight the Topgolf closest to the city center above, there are 4 Topgolf locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Beyond just having a great indoor golf experience, Topgolf has other entertainment, great food, drinks, and fun for the whole family.

3) Golf Center of Arlington

Trackman golf dual Doppler radar will deliver club & ball data right at your fingertips while recording your golf swing video at the same time. Take your game to the next level relying on accurate measurements to produce the feel you want. Challenge yourself playing virtual golf simulator of the most iconic golf courses on earth with their self-service private suite featuring Trackman 4, a 65″ 4k UHD display, dual hitting mat (right and left), lounge area and climate-controlled space. It’s a top-notch experience in a private set up.

4) GolfTec Dallas

GolfTec is primarily known for golf lessons, but they also have the opportunity for golfers to get fit and play and practice indoors. If you are looking to improve your game and get in some swings during the off-season or when the weather is poor, you can check out GolfTec which has 3 different locations north of city center in Dallas. GolfTec provides you with access to advanced golf training technology including motion measurement and video analysis. GolfTec also has a pretty neat tool called the Clubhouse which offers an online tool for accessing all your golf lessons, Coach notes and instruction, suggested drills as well as the ability to schedule future lessons and practice.

5) 1611 Indoor Golf Club

1611 Indoor Golf Club was created to help the weekend golfer to the competitive golfer. They cater to ages 5 & Up. Their services provide athletes with the environment for success. They have invested in the top of the line technology and studied instructional methods that will increase the level of success in all ranges of athletes. 1611 is ​equipping and training golfers to play better golf through improved awareness of swing cause and effects as a result of the actions by their body, the club, and their effect on the golf ball.


If you are itching to get out to golf as much as I am, I thought the above indoor golf resources would be helpful to you. If you're looking for Dallas golf tournaments, the Nextgengolf City Tour starts in May, so get those swings back into shape so we can bring home the City Championship title!

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