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Unforgettable golf hats we've seen from professionals

By Mike Devlin


It's always fun when someone makes a "fashion statement" on the golf course, like John Daly's vibrant pants. It isn't often that you are able to spruce up the attire while playing professional golf but our list below showcases the 5 players that have worn unforgettable golf hats during their rounds. 

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Tiger woods straw hat.jpeg

1. Tiger Woods - The Straw Hat

This may be on our list because it's somewhat unexpected. It's rare to see any picture of Tiger Woods without Nike or another sponsor on his sleeves and headware However, the straw hat is a classic and we'd like to see this look come back on someone other than Nick Saban. 


Rory Sabbatini hat.png

2. Rory Sabbatini - The Cowboy Hat

I'm not sure how Taylormade allowed this to happen. A few words come to mind when we see this hat: 'unsuccessful', 'putrid', 'no'. We may need to write our next blog on the "worst cowboy hats of all time". I will say, however, that we will never forget it. 


Shingo Katayama hat.png

3. Shingo Katayama

Okay, now we're talkin'! A guy that can rock a cowboy hat, he gets it. Shingo is known for wearing a few variants of this style. The more authentic looking cowboy hat with a more subtle sponsor logo... it goes a long way. Well done, sir. 


jesper parnevik hat.png

4. Jesper Parenevik - The Upwards Hat (?)

Never been a huge fan of the "upwards" hat that Jesper normally wears but the Upper Deck variation is undoubtedly pretty awesome. And regardless of sponsorship on the inside brim, this style has put Jesper on the map and certainly deserves to be on our list as unforgettable. 


Payne Stewart Hat.png

5. Payne Stewart - The Flat Cap (Scally Cap)

Payne Stewart is a legend and deserves recognition beyond his attire. But, this guy did dress like the champ he was. In our opinion if you're going to dress like this you better bring and he had the game to back it up. 


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